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  • There was a popular saying in 19 sixties China.

  • If you were a single men and looking for a wife, no one would marry you if you didn't have a watch and that watch had to be a Shanghai watch.

  • This was the Rolex off China starting.

  • Yeah, this is Fung women.

  • He's been making Shanghai watchers for over 40 years.

  • What's on China?

  • Because I never saw.

  • So I have a so be it se strangled me.

  • The same motion in Hong Kong during the 19 sixties and seventies.

  • It was a status symbol for China's Communist Party elites.

  • It was said that one out of every four Chinese people who wore a watch in the 19 sixties wore a Shanghai watch before a man could get married.

  • He needed to own a bicycle, a sewing machine, a radio and watch what?

  • You're so glad to have that.

  • Yeah, but that's okay.

  • You're puts her.

  • Yeah, right.

  • Scapula.

  • The watch was covered It because it was China's first mechanical watch which very few people knew how to make back then.

  • Yeah.

  • Uh, so you're going to tell the whole ship out with law.

  • Civil case.

  • The answer.

  • Uh, that's So did your case of your that it was a challenge because technicians at a time only knew how to repair important watchers.

  • Uh, be your engineer.

  • Your laundry, Your champion chamber Higher.

  • Too daunting.

  • Making ninja higher coaching.

  • Yeah.

  • Junior, how's your father that you put in Chile?

  • How does pinching Yeah, they can't quit trying to partition.

  • Transfer later.

  • A woman total later.

  • So what you were eating?

  • Yeah.

  • For decades, the Shanghai Watch enjoyed an unparalleled reputation in China.

  • But when the Chinese economy opened up in the eighties, foreign brands like Casio, Orient, Swatch and Longin entered the market.

  • The Shanghai Watch Company couldn't compete and eventually fell into obscurity.

  • 2006 was the first time we came to Shanghai.

  • We're doing a lot of design toys.

  • We're doing a lot of sneaker culture.

  • Lin is a designer and was partly responsible for Shanghai watches Revival E was strong to it because I was thinking that Why is this such a famous historical name?

  • So I called him and asked him and told him that I want to make some watchers.

  • The company invited her to a factory tour, but when she went, she just saw people milling about the first time I went.

  • I didn't see any great watchers.

  • I don't see craftsman.

  • I somewhat found the factory.

  • Uh, manager.

  • I asked him to bring out some old watchers and he showed me some of the model Doesn't.

  • Why don't you produce this this amazing?

  • He said.

  • The machine Oh, and nobody use them on.

  • Then we have to convince them to fix the machines.

  • Once the factory was on board and the machines were dusted off, Lynn and her team went to work on new designs.

  • So we did five design, very limited.

  • I think it certainly 500 watches.

  • One of the design is based on the calligraphy off the word loathe local dialect, Shanghainese dialect.

  • It means that really cool on the other one was calligraphy from 1 to 12 on the third one, which is based on hand signs.

  • What I wanted to do is to rate some stir to show them that when this design when oversee and when we told the story, people will look at China a little bit differently.

  • It quickly sold out the project, renewed interest in Shanghai watch, and a brand unveiled a new marketing structure, a new logo and a new Doyal designed by a renowned Swiss watchmaker.

  • They produce a couple of high end pieces completely toe beyond mechanism.

  • You might find a Rolex well, missions at a G for permission.

  • They throw the trophy in on Osama.

  • She by no good.

  • What's the impact?

  • Champagne mail.

  • Whether the brand can compete in China, where people can afford actual Alexis now remains to be seen.

  • But one thing is clear.

  • A Shanghai watch.

  • It's no longer the status symbol it once waas in China.

There was a popular saying in 19 sixties China.

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So What Happened to the Rolex of China?

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