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  • Terrence Bud Crawford is at the top, followed by Canelo, Earl Spence and number four, followed by new lightweight champion FEMA.

  • Lopez is at six.

  • Max.

  • I'll start with you.

  • Do you agree with these rankings?

  • They're good rankings.

  • Take a female doesn't just replace Lomachenko because it's his first Riel Goodwin against the top top opponent.

  • I would say, if anything, Tyson Fury looks a little low to me because pound for pound is one thing.

  • But what we really mean is division for division.

  • You know, if you shrunk Tyson Fury down to the same size as all these guys find but a heavyweight, you could have a size advantage.

  • And I think that counts in his favor, even in a pound for pound way for a heavyweight.

  • He is better than a couple of the guys on that list are for their divisions.

  • So that's the one thing I was.

  • I got serious questions about Eros Spencer number four because of that car accident, and we don't know how healthy is gonna be, and he's been an active.

  • I don't think you stay on the list just because you've been inactive based on the last time we saw you, particularly when you have an accident.

  • And that might have rattled you to some degree.

  • We don't know how healthy is gonna be.

  • That remains to be seen.

  • I agree with you about Tyson Fury at eight.

  • I think that's entirely too low.

  • I am sold on Crawford, and I'm really, really sold on Saul Canelo.

  • Alvarez.

  • This man is something special.

  • He can take a punch.

  • He damn sure can give it.

  • We still haven't found James Kirkland in a long time.

  • By the way, I mean I mean when what Canelo Alvarez did to him.

  • I mean, a 7 11 confined his brother.

  • We have about We have to pick a Charlo brother for that list soon.

  • And also Tank Davis's Fighting Leo Santa Cruz coming up.

  • Vontae Davis.

  • If Vontae Davis beats Leo Santa Cruz convincingly, he probably will tell you this.

  • I will tell you this.

  • The twins We got to give them the Charlie Twins.

  • We got to give them some love they have not been, is respected as they should be.

  • These are both champions.

  • You got to get them on that list is well because they're special.

  • Can I ask you this Can Loma work his way back into the top five?

  • Like what?

  • Fight?

  • With no doubt.

  • Here's the thing about Lomachenko.

  • He's really not a lightweight.

  • He's a featherweight, junior lightweight, and he was struggling by his standards against top lightweights but still winning.

  • Matteo is not just a good fighter, he's better than that.

  • And he had the size advantage.

  • I think if Lomachenko fights at 1 30 he could quickly reestablish himself among the elite of the elite.

  • Nobody at 1 31 35 I think, would be well, Gravante is there.

  • Let's see.

  • You know, we'll see.

  • Oh, yeah, well, you know, that's something special.

  • You got a fight?

  • Take a second, cause we have about a minute left.

  • We never gonna talk about boxing.

  • What are you most excited about right now, Max?

  • Obviously, you're the face of boxing, Especially here at ESPN.

  • Um, there's so much going on.

  • I hope that that Errol Spence is what he was before the accident.

  • If he wins his fight against Garcia and advances, I would love to see the PBC Stop ignoring Terence Crawford.

  • Sean Porter is not ignoring them.

  • Terence Crawford name is in Sean porters mouth because he's a real champion with real heart.

  • I don't want to see your Errol Spence some about well, I could make money over here.

  • It's a business I want to see Errol Spence and Terence Crawford put aside any promotional network issues and get in that damn ring.

  • Absolutely correct.

  • That's the fight we all want to see and one more fight.

  • Saturday we talked about it.

  • We had both the guys on UFC 2 54.

  • It's an early start.

  • 2 p.m. Eastern.

  • What do you think?

  • You think that he finally against his first lost their?

  • I think, k g I think he has a a chance because of his power, but I think his Onley shot to beat the mega Meddoff is to knock him out, striking him.

  • You ain't gonna out wrestling the mega medal.

  • I don't believe it normally goes to physically strong.

  • It's not just technique.

  • He has elite technique with elite physical strength, and he's the favorite against anyone.

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Terrence Bud Crawford is at the top, followed by Canelo, Earl Spence and number four, followed by new lightweight champion FEMA.

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Stephen A. & Max react to ESPN's Pound-for-Pound Boxing Rankings | First Take

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