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  • What is that!?

  • Does anyone know what that is?

  • It's HUGE!

  • It's giant Monkey!

  • Let's keep flying towards it!

  • No let's shoot at it!

  • Yeah! All right!

  • all guns trained on the monkey!

  • Stay on target!

  • This things about to get some!

  • Oh HECK NO!

  • We are NOT going in there!

  • This is CRAZY!

  • We are all gonna die here!

  • Everybody Abort!

  • You good, Randa?

  • Yep! I got the proof I came for.

  • Bye Monkey!

  • Marlow, sword!

  • Ha Ha! Take that you! And that! And that!

  • You want a piece of me?!

  • I did it!

  • I proved my combat abilities and made my character more useful to the...

  • *GASP*

  • *cough* Blaargh *cough*

  • Why the heck did you take off your masks you dingus?

  • don't you know there's poisonous gas?

  • Just leave your gas mask on you dummy!

  • For your health.

  • I beat you! Now I'm gonna eat you! *screams*

  • Ooo! Humans! I'm a eat them too!

  • wait a minute! Chase these scrawny humans...

  • Or have a giant Kold that's already cooked for me!

  • Alright Kong!

  • I'm a eat you now.

  • *chomp*

  • growl

  • *splash*

  • *growl*

  • The helicopters!

  • They're coming! We're saved!

  • so long big guy.

  • Alright! Lets go!

  • *ROAR*



  • Enough!

  • You are beneath me!

  • I am a god you dull creature

  • and I will not be bullied by your...

  • Kong!

  • you think you're the only giant monster in the world?

  • Kong you become part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet.

  • I'm here to talk to you about the Kaiju - Avenger - Initiative.

  • Hey guys! Thanks for watching!

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What is that!?

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How Kong Skull Island Should Have Ended

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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