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  • Because off the rules off social distancing way, we're seeing less and less people using crowded passes, crowded subways, major metropolitan areas, people they're looking for alternatives that are safe.

  • It's cheaper to take a bike in a subway.

  • It's certainly safer to take a bike in a subway because of the pandemic.

  • I've been biking more.

  • It really is to me my personal opinion.

  • The best way to get around the city.

  • Okay, April 30th about We went through an entire year's with bikes.

  • In those 1st 12 months a year, yeah, city off Bogota in Colombia has grown about 150 new kilometers off cycle lanes.

  • Lima in Peru is building about 350 kilometers off cycle lanes in New York City, where we're seeing, it's a resurgence off cycling.

  • We have about 40 miles, I believe, of open streets out there, where we're actually limiting vehicular traffic.

  • Broadway from Times Square to Herald Square, I believe, is completely closed.

  • I'm gonna guess that we're gonna probably see 2 to 3 times the amount of already high numbers in summer.

  • I cycle toe work.

  • One thing that is important is what will happen after Call it.

  • It is a very important moment where we have toe all work together to keep cycling in cities.

  • Every city needs to embrace these new computers, you know, and just help them feel safe and protected.

  • And cities are starting to do that.

  • Seattle, I believe, is shut down over 20 miles permanently, but makes me very excited is when you can get a street that somebody just looks at and just thinks of as a boring old street.

  • And just by adding 10 15 ft of extra space on a curb, you now have a place where people jog and walk in their neighborhoods.

  • Just kind of amazing.

  • It's great.

looking, but not she knows can want human father about Christie E.

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Biking surges in popularity worldwide

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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