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  • How do you make a presentation polished?

  • Consider adding a template.

  • There are many websites that have free Google slides templates for people to use in this video.

  • We'll focus on slides go dot com to find the template that you want.

  • You can search using the search bar, or you can use the toolbar that lets you search by color, style, industry and other options.

  • You will see a variety of different types of templates.

  • However, you do not want to choose a template that requires you to make drastic changes.

  • Let's start a search here.

  • I like the state creative template.

  • Let's take a look at the template.

  • This window lets me preview the presentation.

  • Looking at the background color options, it is important to check if the font is easier to read.

  • I'm going to select the first background color because the text really stands out.

  • You can use the arrow keys to flip through the presentation to see features and layouts.

  • If you like the template, click use a Google Slides theme.

  • Click the button, make a copy.

  • The presentation is saved to your Google drive.

  • You could rename it here.

  • Now you can edit the presentation to include the information that you want, similar to how you would edit any other Google Slides presentation.

  • Looking at the second slide, it tells you how to use the features of this template.

  • For example, it mentions the alternative resource is and thanks slides, which we will talk about later in this video.

  • After you understand the features and finish editing your presentation, you can delete this slide.

  • You can also check out layout options by clicking the drop down arrow next to the plus sign.

  • Another way to make edits is by going to slide, then edit Master.

  • Here, you can edit individual layouts, but keep in mind that any changes made here apply to all slides with that layout.

  • For example, if you find yourself changing the font size often, you could change the font.

  • With that slide layout to close out of this window, click the X, making a copy of a slide a super useful.

  • If you want to reuse the layout on another slide, right click on the slide you want, then duplicate slide.

  • Some templates come with alternative resource is to give you options that match the design.

  • I can choose any of these illustrations by copy and pasting them to another slide near the bottom of the slides.

  • Navigation pane you may find edible resource is for your slides.

  • Here you can see graphics, maps, tables and more.

  • Unlike the alternative resource is, these graphics are not part of the theme.

  • Therefore, you may have to change their color or resize them to make them fit the theme better.

  • Here are the instructions for use.

  • It's up to you to read them carefully and understand how to keep your presentation and compliance with slides goes terms and conditions.

  • After you read the instructions for you slide, you can delete this slide and any other slide with graphics that you do not need but don't delete the things slide.

  • Here is where it gives credit to slides Go, which is required by their terms and conditions.

How do you make a presentation polished?

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Google Slides: Adding and Editing Free Templates

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