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  • So you're in Google docks, and you have to keep typing a long phrase over and over again.

  • Well, you can use custom substitution to help you save a little bit of time substitution.

  • And Google docks are pretty straightforward.

  • Just type some text, and it will become something else.

  • For instance, type two parentheses with a C in the middle, then press enter or the space bar.

  • Now it's a copyright symbol.

  • To make custom substitution, we first have to find the substitution list.

  • Click tools, thin preferences and substitution.

  • You can scroll down to check out the default substitution already available.

  • Now let's create our own substitution every time I type S o.

  • P.

  • I want Google docks to replace it with standard operating procedure, click the empty box under replace and type s O P.

  • Now click the empty box under with and enter standard operating procedure.

  • Make sure the automatic substitution XYZ checked, then click OK now type S O.

  • P.

  • And press the space bar, and there is our custom substitution.

  • When creating custom substitution, you can use text or any Unicode based symbol like a square roots on or a cowboy emoji.

  • You can also turn off of substitution by clicking the check box or deleted by clicking the X.

  • Thankfully, any substitution is you create will also work in the rest of your Google docks.

  • That way you don't have to recreate them in each document.

  • You can also use substitution is in the mobile app.

  • Though it has a big limitation.

  • You cannot create or edit custom substitution.

  • That means you can Onley use substitution is that were created on a computer After a little bit of set up.

  • Custom substitution can help save some time and hassle g c f global, creating opportunities for a better life.

So you're in Google docks, and you have to keep typing a long phrase over and over again.

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