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  • Oh, you're here.

  • Oh, I'm so happy.

  • Did you know you were one of my favorite friends?

  • Who are some of your favorite friends?

  • Oh, boy, they are so lucky.

  • Tohave you because you're a super good friend.

  • Boy, I'd sure like to try it.

  • Me?

  • How exciting.

  • Whoa, look at that.

  • A dining sore.

  • I'm yet fearful.

  • Going toe like may.

  • It's a doofus.

  • Or, uh, it looks fierce to me.

  • Oh, my dinosaur is quite harmless.

  • You're sure?

  • Not only did I create the mega mecha suit for the Mechanical Mechanics Museum, I am put out to present my latest invention.

  • Is that monster safe?

  • Yes.

  • As long as I have the muster Contra.

  • My diner Robot A Z you call him will obey everybody.

  • Come on.

  • Okay, so I have us.

  • Oh, Mom, Hot dog!

  • He's amazing.

  • Hey, Maury.

  • How?

  • But let me try with pleasure.

  • Koofi son.

  • Why, thank you.

  • Yeah.

  • Wow, You sure likes dance.

  • Don't you are singing karaoke?

  • A favorite pastime here in Japan.

  • Carry Okey dokey.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • What did you do?

  • I'm sorry I broke your controller, but it's not like the goofus or is gonna run off and destroy Tokyo I wonder where he's going.

  • Oh, no.

  • Contador!

  • A is doing way cannot control my creation way.

  • Must catch it before it causes any trouble.

  • But how?

  • I know how.

  • Let's get roads to ready.

  • Mhm!

  • Yeah, You don't get hung.

  • Turned down your video game.

  • It's toured out.

  • Did you say something, Mama?

  • You worry.

  • How do we stop that thing?

  • The power button is on its here.

  • Pressing it will shut him down.

  • I got this faster.

  • No, you don't.

  • While I What?

  • Yeah, Well, dreadful doodles.

  • Yeah, That girl Stop!

  • I'm gonna book Donald way.

  • Gotta get Goofus.

  • Were off the streets, huh?

  • E got it.

  • You guys get goofus hard to the sumo stadium and I'll meet you there.

  • I've got a plan.

  • Busted buttons and both.

  • How can we get the goofus ours?

  • Attention!

  • I know what gets my attention.

  • Food?

  • What's going on?

  • Okay, all right.

  • What?

  • This giant Only Gary is on the move.

  • You know this stadium?

Oh, you're here.

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Goofy's Hot Dog Dancing Robot ?| Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures | Disney Junior

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