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  • well

  • the

  • Everyday We Wake Up

  • Eat Our Breakfast, Shower, Dress up,

  • And get ready start our daily routines some of us go to school,

  • others to work class, gym, clubs.

  • and even some sweet gutenberg cleaning up from your skill

  • weakness countless I was been pondering about why society Eastham

  • when you can get a job why is it so hard to cope with life in general

  • at the end the Leo Worsley MVP process

  • that's it dole

  • Boori buttock

  • there are 24 hours in the day

  • seven days a week week someone will see you

  • proximity 680 me dollars in the 106 I was in a lifetime

  • an average person spends one-third of the life sleeping

  • want their network who in the restroom suspected

  • reformist assistant us what to do was

  • T what's a few society creators we adapt to society

  • to be disturbed by the popular majorie will be hit by miss

  • me to use religion modest therapist

  • to do why is it that a species who was so much intelligence

  • motion hard be brought down by it creation

  • because we create can be destroyed

  • nothing about her ex so great so for now might you know

  • we have everything we wanted why do we live what keeps

  • doing

  • mixes

  • way home

  • what makes want to keep gold

  • this morning

  • weeks

  • does not believe so we are all hanging by a small stream the boardroom

  • our dreams keeps us alive S&P

  • not idea what vision this some the you have been warned

  • you will be charged full wasn't driving prosperity work pro

  • nope me on

  • victorious

  • despair dreams what has pleaded the news his

  • is powerful leaders showing nice boobs

  • spectacular pins

  • you're living your dreams you won't high-quality

  • Nana beauty and cool might be movin

  • not working with me

  • you've been with me

  • with you could be my more love with you

  • be with him we will

  • you know you

  • never friend

  • this home with on you know I'm not on

  • him struggle you lot more vicious

  • tomorrow movie with mom

  • you can view mark you

  • there are no excuse night this week you

  • blum et Marlins

  • money on the side no with human

  • urine

  • good

  • moo moo cow

  • grown woman

  • I'm night

  • living

  • my

  • go home

  • this which one

  • peace you you

  • green lime

  • 1

  • on

  • but

  • up


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B1 US moo society week movin nana alive

Our Dreams Keep Us Alive - Motivational Speech Video [MUST WATCH]

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    Wallace posted on 2014/06/06
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