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  • Hello.

  • This is Elliot from E T J.

  • English.

  • Now, today I have a story for you.

  • And make sure you watch this video until the end because after the story you will learn a really good moral.

  • Now I'm moral before I get into the story.

  • And moral is a meaning behind this story, something we learn from a story.

  • So please watch this video and listen to the story.

  • And at the end, I will tell you what the moral off the story is.

  • This is a story that I used to get told a lot when I was growing up.

  • It's a story that my mom used to tell me away.

  • The time now is a Children's story.

  • So I'm sorry if it does sound a little bit immature for you, but still, even now, I relate to this story in my life because I think it really does help me with understanding how things should be done.

  • Now, this story I don't know if you've heard it before or whether you have it in your own country.

  • But it's a story called the Tortoise and the hare.

  • So there once was a speedy hair.

  • He bragged about how fast he could run.

  • Tired of hearing him boast, which means showing off the tortoise challenged him to a race.

  • The hair accepted the challenge.

  • The hair knew that it would be successful because it is a very fast runner.

  • They're built for running.

  • They're built for going fast.

  • But tortoises, on the other hand, Ah, very slow.

  • They move very slowly is going to be an advantage for the hair.

  • So they hair thought.

  • Oh, this will be easy.

  • I'll win this race.

  • So it accepted the challenge.

  • They lined up at the starting line, ready to race ALOF.

  • The animals in the forest gathered around tow.

  • Watch this race between the tortoise on the hair on the race began.

  • And, of course, as you can imagine, straight away, the hair ran ahead on the tortoise was moving slowly, slowly but steadily.

  • It was moving slowly on the hair was going on and on fast, faster, faster, faster and couldn't even see the tortoise behind.

  • That's how far ahead the hair got.

  • The hair was running for a while.

  • He was getting closer to the finish line finish of the race.

  • Andi, the hair thought.

  • I'm feeling quite tired.

  • I think I'll just lie down for a little bit.

  • He knew the tortoise wouldn't be able to catch up, so he had some timeto waste just to sleep before he finished the race.

  • And he could show off to the tortoise when he caught up.

  • So the hair decided to have a little nap to have asleep before he finished the race without realizing the head fallen asleep for a very long time.

  • So the tortoise began to catch up on.

  • Eventually, the tortoise caught up slowly but steadily on, overtook the sleeping hair and finished the race in first place.

  • The hair woke up from the sound of cheering from a with the other animals Andi thought are maybe the tortoise hasn't caught up yet.

  • Perhaps I should go and finish the race now.

  • So the hair ran and carried on the rest of the race, got to the finish line and realized the tortoise had won the race.

  • The tortoise had beaten the hair because the hair decided to have asleep toe have a nap because it was so confident that it was going toe win because it had all of the advantages over the tortoise.

  • He actually ended up losing the race to the tortoise, which is very embarrassing for the hair.

  • It wasn't expected.

  • It shouldn't have happened when you think of it physically.

  • So remember at the beginning of the video, I said I was going to teach you what the moral off the story is.

  • I don't know if you might have worked it out already, but the moral of the story, the way we are always told it when we're told this story is that slow on steady wins the race.

  • If you take things slowly and you do it calmly and take your time, you will always be more successful than the people who are too confident on Russian and try to get things done quickly.

  • So you need to be more like the tortoise in this story on work hard on, take your time with things, whereas those people who act like the hair who try and get things done quickly and race to get things done on, feel too confident and think you're going to be everyone else.

  • You're not going to win.

  • So this is a common thing we say, especially what we teach our Children in England, and that is that slow and steady wins the race.

  • Another common saying that we say is falls rushed in on this essentially means the same thing.

  • Only silly people rush to get things done.

  • If you learn English slowly and you learn English the way you want to learn English, take your time.

  • Don't try and race to beat other people.

  • You will be more successful.

  • Yes, it will take longer.

  • But sometimes things are better when they take longer when you take your time because you'll learn mawr.

  • If you try and learn English too quickly, I will bet you that people will not understand you when it finally comes to talking.

  • But if you learn everything, slowly gather all that information in your brain.

  • You will be, um, or intelligent English Speaker on.

  • People will be able to understand you, and you can talk confidently.

  • So let things come with time.

  • Slowly, slow and steady wins the race.

  • If you enjoyed this story on the moral off, the lesson Please do give me a thumbs up for this video on.

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  • If you want to book a lesson with me, thank you very much for watching on I will See you in the next video.

  • Let's say I'm proud to have a British accent and to speak the British language.

  • But that doesn't mean that the American language isn't a great language.

  • They have the words they have their own.


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