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  • Video vote Camp by business English part dot com Today's episode is the first of a two part series on business vocabulary related to the Internet technologies, commonly referred to as Web 2.0, the Internet is constantly changing and expanding the next generation of the Internet technologies, commonly referred to as Web 2.0 help people connect with others around the world.

  • People can write and comment on blog's and listen to audio files called podcasts.

  • RSS feeds make it easy to subscribe online content with an aggregator so that content could be read, watched or listened to the users convenience in the business world, Webinars and Webcasts allow companies to use visual media to keep colleagues connected.

  • Customers, competitors and advisors can all interact using social networking sites.

  • Web 2.0 invites users to be collaborative.

  • We can use our collective expertise to create wikis that servers online encyclopedias with constantly updated entries.

  • We can share collections of interesting Web links using social bookmarks and tag these links to create folks.

  • Khamenei's for easy Searching and Reference Web 2.0, Web 2.0, Web 2.0, is a term that describes the next generation of Internet technologies and capabilities.

  • Web 2.0 allows users to interact and collaborate as a community to share and create content in new ways.

  • Web 2.0 has made it easier to interact with our customers and find out what they think of our products.

  • Blogged blogging.

  • The word blawg is short for Weblog AH website that individuals or companies can use to easily post news opinions and other information using text, photos and or video.

  • David's new Blawg is keeping our customers updated on new products.

  • Podcast Podcast.

  • A podcast is an audio file that listeners can access through a website, syndication or RSS feed.

  • Podcast content can include interviews, news, commentary, music and educational material.

  • Listening to podcasts has really helped to improve my listening skills and understand different types of accents.

  • RSS Feed RSA's Feed RSS stands for really simple syndication.

  • An RSS feed makes it possible for Internet users to subscribe to websites like blog's news sites and podcasts.

  • We provide an RSS feed on our blogged so that subscribers can get new content regularly.

  • Aggregator aggregator.

  • You can use an aggregator such as iTunes to manage subscriptions to blog's and podcasts.

  • For example, if a site offers an RSS feed, you can aggregate the updates so that they are all accessible on one Web page or service.

  • I use Google Feed Reader Toe Aggregate The feeds from all my favorite blog's webinar webinar.

  • A webinar is a conference that is broadcast live over the Internet.

  • Participants can ask questions and have live discussions.

  • Webinars have been a great way for us to keep staff up to date, regardless of where they're located.

  • Social networking, social networks.

  • Social networking involves communities of users who want to connect with others who share their interests or background.

  • Some examples of popular social networking sites are Facebook linked in and or cut.

  • Our management team doesn't mind staff using social networking sites on company time as long as work gets done.

  • Collaborate Collaborative.

  • When people work together on a project, their collaborative each person makes a contribution.

  • We can also use the verb collaborate to describe this activity.

  • Our team did well on this marketing campaign, but I can't take away the credit.

  • It was truly a collaborative effort.

  • Wiki Wiki, a wiki is a website that allows any user to contribute edit or change content.

  • It is a way for users to collaborate and share their existing knowledge on a topic.

  • Wikipedia is perhaps the best known example of a wiki.

  • Many software developers use wikis to share code and suggestions with each other.

  • Social bookmarks, social bookmarks, social book marking websites allow users to organize their favorite websites and share them with others.

  • My social bookmarks includes sites on marketing and nonprofit development tags, tag cloud tags, air descriptive keywords that help users categorize and find the sites they bookmark.

  • A tag Cloud is a group of tags related to a collection of bookmarks or blog's.

  • Using tags for my bookmarks has really helped organize my work.

  • Now it's your turn to practice some of the words we have studied in this episode you'll hear a Siris of sentences with the word replaced with a beep.

  • Repeat the whole sentence but say the missing word.

  • For example, if you here employees from five locations will participate in the you will say employees from five locations will participate in the webinar.

  • We'll play an example.

  • Answer after each exercise ready, Let's begin the training courses, supplemented with videos posted on answer the training courses, supplemented with videos posted on YouTube.

  • Once we start a ah, we need to post regular updates.

  • Answer.

  • Once we start a blawg, we need to post regular updates.

  • Let's set up a to share information on this project.

  • Answer.

  • Let's set up a wiki to share information on this project I like to listen to on the way to work.

  • Answer.

  • I like to listen to podcasts on the way to work.

  • Having a better understanding off will help increase customer interaction.

  • Answer.

  • Having a better understanding of Web 2.0 will help increase customer interaction.

  • That's all for this video vocab episode, the first of a two part series on Web 2.0, Episode two will be coming soon.

  • In the meantime, you can check out our website at www dot business English pod dot com toe watch and download lots more videos on business English.

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English Vocabulary for ESL - IT & Computing: Web 2.0 (Pt. 1)

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