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  • Consider the jellyfish, a gorgeous, translucent creature known for its sting.

  • Sometimes they can be deadly.

  • Another jellyfish attacked her Portuguese men of war.

  • It's just a you know, it's a deadly rip on some places.

  • Consider them an invasive species, a fish invasion.

  • Why swimmers being very, very careful?

  • But not all jellyfish are dangerous.

  • Some are even edible.

  • Jellyfish have long been part of diets in Asia, there so widely consumed that £7 million of jellyfish are harvested from the state of Georgia and exported to China and Japan every year.

  • Fat, squishy jelly bones In China, they're mostly eaten as an appetizer, just a treat.

  • It's similar to college, a bit crunchy, but only certain types of jellyfish are edible.

  • This one does sting that people eat the belle of the jellyfish.

  • Socio soothe total family dollar job here.

  • Shorter job here boarding.

  • This is Joe Shoy.

  • He's the owner of a seafood farm in eastern China, where he manages over 1600 acres of water breeding, shellfish and jellyfish.

  • Uh, changing Uh, E Bacanovic.

  • Jesus.

  • Uh, it's the perfect location to raise jellyfish.

  • Most edible jellyfish are estrogen, which means they thrive where the river meets the sea.

  • You A you a, uh, a European.

  • It takes 60 days for the larvae to grow into full jellyfish.

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  • I know why, uh, serious overhaul.

  • They're harvested when there are about £130 or higher.

  • Then they're washed and pickled, imitating the street from China.

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  • During this process.

  • The jellyfish is texture goes from jelly, like to robbery.

  • It's the alum that makes the jellyfish firm.

  • It also acts as a disinfectant.

  • Salt reduces the water content and stops bad bacteria from growing pence.

  • Just a you know, a job you could hope.

  • No more medication.

  • Uh, t gonna travel dio social.

  • Uh, sensitive.

  • It's then put in a brine and packaged way.

  • Found a way to fire line potential industry.

  • So how do you eat it?

  • Cut it into pieces.

  • Oh, a whole.

  • You know, the o e o a hook.

  • But, uh, most people enjoy jellyfish for its crispy texture.

  • It often takes on the flavor of whatever marinade is put on it, such as vinegar or oil.

  • Everyone knows what jellyfish is, but people just don't know how to cook it.

Consider the jellyfish, a gorgeous, translucent creature known for its sting.

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How Jellyfish is Eaten in China - In Season (E1S5)

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