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  • I was scrolling through the gram, as one does, and I saw this very amazing post.

  • And it said butterfly wings are considered one of the most beautiful products of nature.

  • But butterflies themselves physically cannot see their own wings.

  • So many friends of mine, Ah, butterflies.

  • Well, I googled it.

  • This turns out to be completely false because butterflies have compound eyes which give them 360 degree vision so they could seek food while also keeping a lookout for any threats behind them.

  • So make sure you fact check the Internet folks was just full of lives.

  • But my point with this whole thing was I really loved the sentiment behind it, and the sentiment behind it really made me pause and think of a conversation I was having with some friends of mine because we came to an epiphany.

  • So all of our problems stemmed from how we were taught to be good girls.

  • Like one of my friends had an Olympian athletic mother who told her that as long as her body was perfect, she was a good girl, even though her mom constantly moved the goalpost of what a perfect body meant.

  • Another friend had parents who insisted if she forgot her own needs and wants in order to make everybody else happy.

  • She was a good girl, even if it meant having no boundaries and not exploring her own interests.

  • I was told by my dad that my love ability is rooted and professional accomplishment and success.

  • That achievement made me a good girl, even if it means sacrificing emotional fulfillment.

  • Personal hobbies and relationships were taught how to be good girls and good boys, and we carry that belief into adulthood.

  • Like my friend with the Olympic mother has a job where her body needs to tailor to specific measurements or she gets fired.

  • My people pleasing friend is a robust extrovert, but she's empathetic to every point of view, even when the perspective is detrimental to her.

  • I feel like I have to work hard, improve myself in every friendship in romantic relationship toe, earn love, but think about the messages that you got as a child was being good, being quiet, doing what you're told, avoiding emotion, striving for perfection.

  • And when you were praised, what was it for?

  • And thinking back?

  • Do you even agree with that?

  • Praise would you praise yourself now for any of those things?

  • Or are these just your parents imposing their limiting beliefs that they got from their parents, who got it from their parents and so on on to you?

  • I know it really does.

  • Always come back to childhood, doesn't have Children.

  • It's so annoying.

  • But that is when our brains we're learning like our most basic core lesson.

  • So you know it makes sense.

  • It's It's really annoying, but it makes sense.

  • I'm personally ready to stopping a good girl because of being good means that I have to measure my love ability by external factors.

  • I'll never feel loveable if you have to measure your worth based on your imperfecta bodies perfection, you won't ever feel worthy.

  • And if you're a slave to other people's opinions and moods while setting your own aside, you'll never feel fulfilled.

  • I'm an Marikana and thank you to the top to your patrons supported this video because we're on our screens so much I have been prioritizing, giving my eyes a break by consuming more audiobooks, usually on my daily government sanctioned walk.

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  • Siri's has been some of my favorite on Amazing Why scifi that I've read in nearly a decade of such a fangirl for it.

  • I was very curious how Hank was gonna follow up the cliff hanger from Absolutely, and he did not disappoint.

  • Like I love that the book is scientific and also really inclusive and thoughtful about where society is heading and what connection means and what being human means.

  • It's just it covers so many things.

  • It's so great.

  • Definitely do yourself a favor and listen.

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I was scrolling through the gram, as one does, and I saw this very amazing post.

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