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  • Why are you going to clubs when you broke?

  • Why do you have the latest iPhone?

  • When you got no money, move the needle forward.

  • Do something, Thio.

  • Self help education instead of like You know what?

  • I'm just gonna live my life freeloading and coming up off for everybody else.

  • What people think about you and the possibilities for your dream is none of your business.

  • They have no imagination.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, they're living out of the past out of their memory.

  • The attitude is it can't be done because they haven't seen it.

  • They're judging according to appearances, the people that go to make it in the future.

  • The people that are making it today let me share something with you.

  • History is being read, but it's also being written by people with imagination.

  • I want you to understand never ever allow anybody to make you feel bad about being so blessed when you work your ass off to live your life and lifestyle, feed your kids, feed your family, be there for people when they need you The most watchful who don't like you They smile in your face, They're back.

  • Stand while the people are giving up, feeling like victims, feeling powerless, becoming negative, turning on each other rather than to each other, feeling that they can't make it be here, not conformed to this world.

  • But be transformed by the renewing of your mind with the mind set off that it's possible I can create a new life.

  • And it's necessary that I become actively involved in becoming a positive force in my life and on the planet.

  • And it's May.

  • Yes, it's you pulling together, working together to create this brand new future, and it's gonna be hard.

  • Easy is not an option, but if it's hard, we will do it hard.

  • Whatever is required to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, it's worth it.

  • Yes, it's worth whatever we have to do, and once we know that it is done, it is done.

Why are you going to clubs when you broke?

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