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  • the MBA really has exemplified America's struggle with the Copa 19 virus.

  • They did everything they could.

  • Thio follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines and were able Thio have a tournament where no one got ill.

  • They show they're concerned for social issues, but they also showed their concern for health issues and their families.

  • I thought they did a remarkable job of exemplifying a common sense approach, thio all of the issues and problems that we have had to face this year and if, as you said, it has been a very tough year.

  • The pressure on LeBron James in particular, must have bean immense the death of his friend Kobe Bryant in January.

  • The pandemic, the response to the death of George Floyd, as we said.

  • Yet he was able to concentrate on playing you of all people must understand how hard that was for him.

  • I only have, ah, small idea of it.

  • I never had to go and isolate for for how long they isolated three months about that.

  • We're not seeing their family, uh, having to train every day.

  • Uh, just you in your in your hotel room, But that that za burden, I didn't have Thio beer.

  • I was able to have some type of normalcy away from the game.

  • He's sending a whole, uh, school district to college.

  • You know, all the kids in that school district where he grew up have the opportunity to go to college.

  • If they could get in, he's gonna fund that.

  • That's remarkable.

  • LeBron could be doing a number of other things with his money.

  • Uh, even if he just counted it, you know?

  • But he this is this is how he makes his efforts.

  • I have thio speak about, you know, that remarkable sense of of leadership.

  • Uh, do you think sports players can now help in the quest for racial and social justice in this country?

  • I know they can.

  • I know that so many young people you are they gravitate towards this, their sports heroes.

  • They've taken polls that have shown that sports heroes are the people that young people look up to the most after their parents.

  • That's that's a significant platform.

  • And I think so many of the, uh, professional athletes have have made great use of their platform.

  • Thio try to affect change in a positive way, just very briefly How did you celebrate?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, Well, I was really happy for them, you know, because it Z reminds me of something that happened in my career.

  • Where I I got thio play with a younger player that enabled me Thio, get over the top.

  • You know, when I joined forces with Magic Johnson.

the MBA really has exemplified America's struggle with the Copa 19 virus.

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