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  • welcome to South Australia and one of the craziest boat races on Earth.

  • My name is Amanda, and I like to race really fasting geese down very tiny creeks.

  • The Murray River is about 2.5 1000 kilometers long, and it waves and intersects the town of Brand Mark upon which we race.

  • Dingy racing in the river land started in 1981 originally as a bet between two gentlemen at a fishing spot to see who could get back to the pub, the fastest over the last 36 years.

  • That bet has now evolved into a global competition, attracting competitors from ALS corners of Australia and across the globe.

  • Dinky.

  • They're not normally designed to race way.

  • Modify them, and we turn them into extreme race boats.

  • Our race sting.

  • These are rated to take a 10 horsepower motor, but we put a 30 horsepower engine on it.

  • We flight down the creeks at about 90 kilometers an hour.

  • The race is absolutely a great fun, but it's also underpinned by some very serious competition, trying to modify the boat and engine to go as fast as possible and win the race.

  • The dingy derby has approximately 100 race boats in the event, which equates to about 200 competitors.

  • Mhm.

  • You have the driver and they're responsible for piloting the boat.

  • You also have the navigator, and they're responsible for moving their body weight forward and backward in order to control and steer the boat.

  • We've also got in the order of 3000 Spectators.

  • They'll come down and they'll watch the event because they're seeing the mechanic that fixes their car or the coffee shop owner that serves in their morning coffee.

  • It's all about the community.

  • It's really family event, and there's a strong camaraderie and spirit within the town.

  • I decided to get involved in dingy racing when my dad unexpectedly passed away, and his best mate and driver, John, asked me if I would take my dad's place in the boat.

  • I really missed my dad, and being involved in this race was a way that I could feel close to him by following in his footsteps.

  • But it was also a really great way of progressing his legacy about showing it to as many new people on competitors as he could.

  • Now I'm fully fledged as a competitor, in the dingy Derby, and I will race this event until there is no more water left in the Murray River.

welcome to South Australia and one of the craziest boat races on Earth.

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Competing in One of the Craziest Boat Races in the World

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