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  • we explain how graphene could speed up the development of the Internet of things.

  • This is Josie.

  • Josie lives in the near future on loves to use the Internet of things in her everyday life.

  • For example, her clothes use the flexibility and excellent sensing capabilities of graphene.

  • Now she can conveniently integrate a daily health checkup directly into getting dressed.

  • Her flexible roll down bathroom mirror brings her up to speed before she even started her day.

  • Graphene, flexibility and ultra thin body enables the realization of transparent displays in nearly any shape and size.

  • Josie's daughter, Carolina, is passionate about swimming on dreams of one day, making the Olympic team with graphene senses integrated into her swimsuit.

  • She can receive a lot of information helping her to train more efficiently while Carolina is swimming.

  • Josie goes to the supermarket.

  • She will get relevant information on products, thanks to smart tags made flexible by graphene as well as graphene optical sensors that can see things that the human eye cannot see By scanning a product, Josie can see if it's fresh or if it contains any additives or allergenic that she wants to avoid at home.

  • Josie's son, Adam opens the fridge toe, have a snack by a graphene tag integrated in the label of the yogurt.

  • He can check if it's still edible, even though it passed the expiration date.

  • That way, the family avoids wasting food without risking their health.

  • Adam is into gaming with his friends over the Internet.

  • Graphene can speed up the transmission of information as it transforms optical signals to electricity and vice versa.

  • With record speed, even wireless communication is improved on.

  • Adam could even join out of an airplane.

  • Carolina's swimming coach also enjoys the benefits of this high speed transmission.

  • He receives signals from the swimsuit while monitoring Carolina swimming technique from the pool site.

  • As Josie is driving home, it's become dark and foggy in these conditions, when her own senses can betray her, Graphene is used as a reliable optical sensor that will bring her home safely.

  • Since Graphene is thin, flexible, transparent and cheap to mass produce, Josie and her family could apply unique qualities to the things they depend on.

we explain how graphene could speed up the development of the Internet of things.

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Graphene Applications (1) - Internet of Things

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/24
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