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  • gold.

  • Five of the Sustainable Development goals.

  • Gender equality.

  • Why are women more likely to be unemployed than men?

  • Meet Gabby?

  • Gabby recently left her job because she was pregnant.

  • Now that she's had her new baby, she is ready to go back to work.

  • Unfortunately, her position had been filled, and she is having a hard time finding a job that will work with her schedule now that she has a baby.

  • Pregnancy and strict work schedules are two examples of why women are more likely to be unemployed than men.

  • Prejudice decision making can also be blamed for this, as some employers won't employ women due to fear of possible pregnancy, lack of physical strength, mood swings on other falsehoods.

  • Gabby and many other women are being denied jobs that they are qualified for because of unfair judgment.

  • It's up to employers to make sure that change happens.

  • The first step towards equality is admitting that there is inequality.

  • Setting requirements for equal employment based on gender and race is one way to improve the employment rate for women.

  • Also, whenever someone sees any act of inequality, they should be vocal about it, allowing employees to have flexible work hours and offering work from home positions can also help mothers who are unable to take their Children to daycare.

  • For by providing these opportunities, employees can make smoother transitions between maternity leave and work.

  • The times of women being undervalued are beginning to change, and we can all do our part to help.


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Why Are Women More Likely To Be Unemployed Than Men?

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/24
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