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  • Isaiah, you're one of the when you talk about the non giant point guards, right?

  • Like take magic out these million feet tall.

  • Yeah, that's why you're in the conversation for the greatest of the non giant point guards because you had seasons like that.

  • That's right, absolutely.

  • But the point that I was going toe further make Is that what what I try to do, Max, as someone who's who's played and participated right is like, Okay, that we have genetic freaks in all games right in And Jordan had Jordan had a genetic jumping gene that was freaky.

  • No.

  • One, No one has that right.

  • So what I try to do is say okay when I take away the genetic gift and then you look at just basketball playing ability, Christ, who is the better basketball player?

  • If you don't have the genetic freak, you know freakiness with it, and I look at all of those guys who are similar in size.

  • Like LeBron Jordan Magic, they all have the genetic gift of size, but Jordan has the genetic gift of jumping ability.

  • LeBron has a genetic gift of jumping ability.

  • But if I take away those gifts and I said, OK, who is just a better basketball player all around?

  • It's no comparison.

  • And not only is there no comparison, the the eye test and now the methodology of measurement in terms of analytics and numbers confirm what your eyes are seeing it.

  • Yeah, well, actually, the analytics are unclear, but there are analytics that put Jordan ahead of LeBron at his peak.

  • But I get it.

  • LeBron is if you're talking like LeBron has that basketball genius of Bird and Magic and also that that above the rim ability of Kobe or or MJ right, he's.

  • That's why he was the chosen one out of out of high school.

  • But But like Kareem, it's interesting.

  • Like Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  • He came in with so much fanfare that it was almost impossible for him to match it, and yet, somehow he exceeded it.

  • And unlike Kareem, there's much more media around today.

  • Do you think, as someone who follows the game, as as you say participated at a Hall of Fame level, obviously championship level?

  • Um, when I say that, like to me as a fan, it's like, Oh, the Lakers are about to catch the Celtics 17 chips a piece.

  • When I was a kid, I say That was impossible.

  • Celtics had 13 when I was a kid.

  • Lakers had six.

  • Then you fast forward.

  • All these decades later, Lakers are about to catch the Celtics.

  • Do players care about that stuff at all?

  • Or is it just like the fans getting out on that stuff?

  • You actually do care about it?

  • It's like, uh, you know, it's like a baseball player having the opportunity to play with the Yankees or the Red Sox.

  • You you do know the historical relevance of of these franchises, Um, and and you do count.

  • I mean, you, you, the Lakers and the Celtics.

  • Traditionally, when they are good, our sport is good and and it it makes it better because of their historical relevance in the game.

  • So, yeah, recount and and and to win in those franchises, I'm sorry, but it it does mean mawr when you win as a Celtic and as a Laker and and I knew that, you know, with the Pistons, it's like Okay, that that's why you try to establish tradition.

  • That's why you try toe thio, load up the wind so historically you can remain, uh, in the relevance of of of the of the history books because you've done it so many times.

  • And now you get to walk in with tradition and with mythology and all those other things I'd say before I let you go because I got a break in a minute.

  • Um, I'm looking at this heat team, and I didn't think they had a chance to win.

  • But I look at like like your pistons teams that went back to back.

  • You were an MVP caliber player, whether or not you won the M v p.

  • There was, you know, in the league at that time you were a top five player, right?

  • Year in and year out.

  • Um, usually you need at least one guy like that and you had other all stars on your team and you were well coached.

  • And you are a great defensive team.

  • Usually you need at least one guy like that.

  • Like when the Mavericks upset the heat.

  • Dirk Nowitzki was playing at M V P level and he had shooters all around him.

  • Almost never Do you have a team without one M v p caliber player like Chauncey Billups was Mr Big Shot when they wanna know four.

  • But then that team was historically great Defensively.

  • This Heat team, like Jimmy Butler had to play out off his mind to get one single win.

  • Was there anything?

  • Is there anything at all they could do against this Lakers team to at least extend it to Game six without an M V P three?

  • Only thing they could really do is is hope that the Lakers play bad and make mistakes, and they'll and they will have something to do with that, of course.

  • But you know, the the answer to that question, Max is no.

  • They don't see how they can beat this Laker team because, as I said before, the Lakers come into this with the two best players.

  • And normally you have, like you say, one M V P candidate on on one team or the other.

  • But when you look in this Siri's, they got both the M V P candidates on the same team and they got they got the talent, they got experience.

  • They got to know how they got knowledge and you know, they you know they can.

  • They can throw in a guy like Rondo who can change the game and two plates.

  • Miami doesn't have that.

  • They're learning that they're getting that experience, but they don't have that yet.

  • So the only way they can really win is if the Lakers allow them to win by doing dumb things and making mistakes.

  • But if the Lakers don't make mistakes, you know, I don't see how Miami can beat them.

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Isaiah, you're one of the when you talk about the non giant point guards, right?

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