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  • the system.

  • Hi, I'm an octopus.

  • Call me Trevor.

  • Big heads for my big brain cause I'm clever I've got eight arms that grow back If I lose them on into squirt at Attackers to confuse er I don't have the same red blood is you Because my blood Oh, wait for it is blue Three different hearts go pump pumping alone on each of my arms Has a mind of its own e could squeeze into a tiny gap or crack or jump myself to safety if I'm under attack My second supersensitive What I'm touching They literally taste whatever I'm touching Wave your arms around me Oh, so that's me now you know what I'm like.

  • Time to check out my crew.

  • There's a few other types off cephalopods in my family tree that live in the sea and look kind of like me Meet the squid.

  • She's quick.

  • She's super fast.

  • She can be tiny or she could be vast.

  • She's got to extra tentacles with hooks.

  • Triangular head.

  • Yes, super good looks and Nautilus, a relation from the distant past, lives in the shell.

  • When she don't move fast on cuttlefish use swimming.

  • Her burst is a No, no.

  • Flopsy spins like a squid.

  • Didn't slow.

  • So now you've met me and met my crew When you think about a doctor But you know what to do Wave your arms around And then you can come on Me and octopus too Because I octopus octopus Wave your arms around me An octopus.

  • I'm on octopus.

  • I'm a not off often person.

  • Come on.

  • I'm gonna the way your ups around Get your own shaking.

  • Come on, man up.

the system.

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Andy's Aquatic Raps | Funky Octopus | CBeebies

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