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  • the coronavirus that has sickened millions of people worldwide was first reported in this city in China.

  • On while most people stayed away from Wuhan in the early days of the outbreak, some chose to head straight into ground zero to help from a 50 year old volunteer who drove for nine hours to the city.

  • So how'd you cannot do so with him out to a salesman who quit his job to aid relief efforts Way and a 19 year old student who left without telling her parents, e E What was it like to volunteer in the epicenter of China's Cove in 19 Outbreak?

  • What challenges do they face?

  • And why did they choose to head straight into the disasters?

  • Oh, this'll is 50 year old Delay.

  • She drove nine hours from her home in northern China's Shandong Province to volunteer in Wuhan.

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  • With mass transit shutdown.

  • Doctors and nurses have had trouble getting work, so volunteers like Jean have stepped up to offer free guides her not here, the total water not, You know, you probably can.

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  • She sleeps in her own van and has brought her own food.

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  • While Jean is shuttling medical staff from home toe work a few miles away, Goal Xiang is busy delivering food and other daily necessities to people who can't leave their homes.

  • He quit his sales job in Shanxi and traveled an entire day without eating to volunteer in Wuhan.

  • He's been tasked with fulfilling delivery requests on wechat, China's popular messaging app.

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  • The girl's family did not support his decision to volunteer.

  • He was prepared for the worst, but he didn't expect things to be as bad as they were.

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  • At the peak of the outbreak, the city of Wuhan had 1.5 million registered volunteers, according to government statistics.

  • Many of them came from outside the city to help.

  • But the local government, overwhelmed by the epidemic, was unable to provide for some of the volunteers.

  • So many of them, such as Gow, had to bring their own food and find places to stay with friends, which is the Children teach.

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  • Wuhan received a flood of donations from across the country, and volunteers were tasked with distributing Gone.

  • Usually, a 19 year old student from C.

  • On arrived in Wuhan a February 16 and joined the Red Cross to help deliver donations.

  • She did not tell her parents.

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  • Her job is to distribute baby formula.

  • It's a family's media.

  • Going to the life of a volunteer is not easy.

  • Gone slept at a friend's place before eventually moving to a hotel.

  • Her food options are limited.

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  • Cool Loneliness is another challenge.

  • She had her own whatsoever around him without the whole made him she Oh, uh, you should be able Todo re opened on April 8th after a 2.5 months locked down.

  • Life is slowly going back to normal, and many volunteers are preparing to leave.

  • But they won't soon forget what they saw in Wuhan.

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the coronavirus that has sickened millions of people worldwide was first reported in this city in China.

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What It’s Like to Be a Covid-19 Volunteer

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