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  • explaining the 17 goals for 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

  • Let's explain what is education and why does it matter?

  • Meet their I.

  • Perry is a teenage girl from India.

  • Every morning she walks to her local school, trudging past lanes covered with grime throughout the slums of her neighborhood.

  • In mere flip flops.

  • Each day is a guessing game.

  • Once she enters the steel gates into the school grounds, you see pariahs in a school classroom that accommodates over 30 students per class, and her teacher has the task of trying to teach three classes per day.

  • On most days, he never shows up.

  • Other times, her teacher must re read sentences in her schoolbooks to ensure he hasn't made an error in his teaching program.

  • Hair.

  • I has to fail her exams as a result of this poor teaching standard, while her parents already question if it is really worth sending Pair I to school at all.

  • This is where Education 2030 comes into play.

  • It aims to eradicate education inequalities around the globe and to establish a quality standard while employing qualified teachers where needed.

  • This is an important step, given the severe lack of teachers globally, let alone qualified.

  • Teachers, Girls, boys, women and men will see opportunities open to them without by us and will enable all people, including the disabled and other severely disadvantaged individuals, to gain the right to education.

  • Education is a tough area to provide a solution, for each country must meet criteria according to a specific standard given not only by the UN's Education Agenda 2030 but with meeting the global standards provided by Education 2030 and global defenders to help work to the standards fought for girls like Pair, I will meet the same outcome as her males counterparts.

  • It doesn't just stop at Carrie's hometown and country, either.

  • It is a national and global initiative to create unequal chance of outcome, as in the Western world, with the help of her community's and country officials, people like Perry, I will have the chance to get professional quality education, tow arm her with the knowledge she needs to reach her goal.

  • Bear I, along with her classmates, need a lot of help to face the difficult obstacles to access professional quality education.

  • With the aid of Education 2030 it will help to bridge the gap behind gender inequality.

  • Allow disabled individuals as well as other severely disadvantaged people to gain the human right of education and live healthier, happier lives.

  • As a result, there are so many stories like parties, and it will not stop until we all take the necessary action to eradicate such an issue.

  • Yeah.

explaining the 17 goals for 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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The Way For Education - SDG#4

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