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  • Yeah.

  • You can find food and drink from across the world in Abbie's Abbie from street Food.

  • Yeah, toe high end dining.

  • But what I'm really curious about is the local food in green.

  • Amazing.

  • Thank you.

  • So much cuisine that's been a part of life here.

  • Long before this city became the metropolis that it is today.

  • So I'm heading off on a journey into the desert to discover the roots off Emirati food among the original inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula.

  • The Bedouin.

  • That's a welcome.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • What exactly is better in life?

  • That means my ancestors used to travel across the desert from place to place and social food and water.

  • I heard the saying, You can't take the bed one out of the desert, but you can't take the desert out of the bed.

  • One e like that.

  • Who is this guy?

  • This guy is shocking, Eddie.

  • He's staring me like he wants to college my eyes.

  • Arms, that's all.

  • Welcome.

  • Thank you.

  • I'm gonna show you the basics off the bed.

  • One food I hear, like the proper better in Arabic.

  • Coffee is the best.

  • Coffee used to be more expensive than gold.

  • So if I guess it is coming in Your serving him coffee was like serving liquid gold.

  • Yes.

  • How about I take you out and I show you how Thio make a proper coffee?

  • Yeah, I'd love to see it.

  • How long will we raised this book?

  • To make it like a dark place Shouldn't take more than okay.

  • You can smell it already.

  • Like there's so much aroma coming off.

  • And now the hard part It's not just crushing.

  • That's also making music.

  • Like, no way.

  • Would you like to try?

  • Yeah, I would.

  • I don't know if I'm gonna have my own tribe.

  • Your sound.

  • You have to make one up now.

  • Now you're part of the London try.

  • E guess with camels, it's always been a part of better when life is well, that's the desert chip.

  • Without it, you think thistles the position I want you to take.

  • You have to have strong legs, strong fires.

  • Yes way!

  • Oh, oh, oh!

  • Well, so falling backwards.

  • Morning.

  • I imagine going like this for a month away.

  • To Mecca?

  • Yes, on.

  • Come on, Come on.

  • Wow for Bedouin life.

  • How important dates to you Date is a fuel for life.

  • Prophet Mohammed.

  • He said, Ah, house without a date is a hungry house.

  • What will we have traditionally with a cup of coffee in the desert?

  • It looked like little donuts.

  • We call it the game Are you can't have it without this, which is date molasses.

  • Mm, It's this.

  • You want to drink coffee once you drink coffee when you eat the better in life?

  • No, I can't call you back off Arabia.

  • Yeah, very much.

  • The Bedouin people were known for being generous because they've seen the worst off the desert.

  • So now they're trying to get the chance to give back.

  • Somehow I found everything in the desert, the coffee, the dates, the camel meat kebabs cooked on open fire.

  • It all tastes so much sweeter under the stars.

  • E come to the desert to slow down on.

  • Actually appreciate every moment.

  • I feel like that's what today has been all about.

  • For a bed one, there's no, it's just a desert.

  • No matter how hard your home is, you never leave it.


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Taste Bedouin food in Abu Dhabi's desert

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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