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  • the waterfalls were definitely a big one.

  • Jumping off the waterfalls were a big one.

  • My name is Lynette Cook and I currently live in Paducah, Kentucky.

  • My girls are five and seven now.

  • They were four and six at the time of the trip last summer.

  • I wanted Thio take them in the car with our teardrop camper.

  • There is electricity that runs the lights for the camper.

  • My husband, I have our own size bed and then they have little bunk beds that they sleep in.

  • We started in New Orleans.

  • Then we went through Texas stopping in Austin waterfall.

  • That we have videos up is actually at McKinney Falls in Austin State Park, which is actually a city state park.

  • Then we went further west in Texas, which I was blown away with.

  • How beautiful Western Texas Waas.

  • Davis Mountain was just beautiful.

  • We hiked up and did a little bit of hiking on top of the mountain.

  • My kids have never really seen that sort of wide open areas and desert.

  • It was their first time in the desert, and then we drove from New Mexico up Thio, Colorado, to meet the rest of the family I think the best advice that I could give to parents that are road tripping with toddlers is to keep your expectations about what you're going to do very low.

  • Kids were really happy with just a new playground or new rocks to climb on or trying to find what the new bugs look like in that area.

  • You're not gonna have really epic days every single day.

  • Okay, E think another thing that's really important with kids is that they need to be part of the planning about what they're gonna do.

  • They buy into it a lot better when they're helping plan the trip itself and the day and then the other thing is being prepared.

  • We always make sure we have our water bottles and we have healthy snacks, basically about a week's worth of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • You have to kind of have a schedule.

  • You can't really wing it when you're with small Children, and I just faras close.

  • We packed enough to what would fit in our camper.

  • Most campgrounds, especially the state campgrounds, have laundry facilities.

  • McKinney Falls State Park Junior Ranger program was fantastic.

  • Those Junior Ranger programs encourage kids to explore the state parks.

  • They encourage kids to look at the nature to look at the plant life, to look at the animal life, I would say with camping with teenagers, once again, let them plan.

  • Let them have a say in what you're gonna dio let them bring friends.

  • Having a buddy to explore with the ride bikes with to talk to people makes it much more enjoyable.

  • E I look back at the pictures.

  • I'm excited to do it again.

  • I'm getting planning on our next adventure.

  • Just have something to focus on.

the waterfalls were definitely a big one.

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