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  • to drop 50 again and also, as you said, to be a playmaker, getting to the paint, the dribble, the drive and kick and all that stuff, saying he was prouder of his seven assists because he's uplifting the team.

  • He has been incredible so far in these playoffs.

  • He truly has in, You know, those of us who like yourself who listen, uh, to those press conferences at the at the end of the game.

  • And then we critique, uh, you know them psychologically, uh, in terms off of what they're saying, their demeanor, their behavior at the table.

  • Um Thio.

  • See him act that way, doing that, that press conference after he scored 57.

  • But then, as now, I put myself in the former players head, knowing now what?

  • He's getting ready to come back and face against the Nuggets because the defense is strictly going to be designed to stop you from scoring 50 again, right?

  • Right, Because who else is there?

  • Threat.

  • Really?

  • Yeah, right.

  • Because who else is there?

  • Threat.

  • Really?

  • This is not a team.

  • I mean, he never really got to play with Gordon Hayward, but this is not a team with a secondary scoring option.

  • You know who's an All Star?

  • Their second best player is a defensive guy, and and by the way, given the chemistry issues they had coming in, I was thinking not They're not gonna be Denver.

  • But if not for that eight second violation, right, maybe SYRIZA is already over, and they're up 31 on a damn good team.

  • Where where you know they had a third star emerged, at least on the offensive ended Michael Porter Jr.

  • It's very impressive.

  • And, meantime, coming off last night's game, Luke Adachi Zeke turned 21 in February.

  • This dude just gave him.

  • Kuai misses the game winner in regulation.

  • This dude gives him 43 17 and 13 and hits the game winner without poor Zynga's.

  • It's a this is a problem.

  • This the Mavericks.

  • I think the Mavericks are a problem.

  • Don't change when you get poor Zynga's back healthy.

  • You got Maxi Cleaver and Kleeb A sorry and, uh, Finney Smith.

  • Their front court doesn't score a lot, but they can shoot from distance and they defend and they defend multiple positions and Cleveland blocked shots to to go along with poor Zynga's and in the backcourt.

  • You don't have defense, really?

  • But you have a whole bunch of dynamic offensive players, including Hardaway Jr.

  • Uhh!

  • Trey Burke.

  • Zeke, I'm thinking if they're live not only to beat the Clippers, I think the m If they get past the Clippers, everyone might be in trouble.

  • You know, Max, I said this last year when when the trade was made for Porzingis.

  • Uh, I thought that, um that that trade definitely is going to continue to hunt the Knicks for a long time.

  • But at the same time, when you look at Don Check and you look at poor Zynga's, we have never in all n ba existence seen a duel like this from a size standpoint and from a skill standpoint.

  • Now let me let me let me tell you what I mean.

  • When you look at Jordan and Pippen, Luca and poisoning is are different than Jordan.

  • When you look at Shaq and Kobe, they're different than Shaq and Kobe.

  • When you look at Magic and Kareem, they're different than magic and Kareem.

  • So when you start looking at the uniqueness of these two individuals as players with their combined skill set in size.

  • There's never been a point guard center combination in the MBA like Luca and poor Zynga's.

  • And I think defense's are going to have a very difficult time adjusting toe the uniqueness that they bring to the floor.

  • And I think it's going to take a long time before the league can catch up with this visionary type of play that they're putting for.

  • Yeah, you know, the closest thing may have been Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki, but Kid was past his prime, though it meant he shot from the outside better than he had earlier.

  • But doesn't have Lucas size or scoring ability.

  • And Dirk Better shooter than Porzingis.

  • But shorter and not a shot, not a rim defender like you're right, it's unique.

  • It hasn't happened before.

  • Yeah, that's what I'm gonna say.

  • What, Rocky with an excellent you know, passer and you know, and you've got to get Cuban and Don Jr a lot of credit, you know, because I was with Cuban the day I was actually sitting with him in Dallas the day that he made the trade, uh, or decided to let Nash go to Phoenix and I was sitting right in in his office with him and, um, and at that time, you know, Nash and Dirk was such a good pair.

  • But his vision of what basketball was going to be and what he needed to do as an owner toe win the championship not to satisfy the fan base.

  • He made the right call.

  • Then in the trade for Porzingis in the trade for Luca, combining those two as a skill set in size that we've never seen in the n b A at this position before, like this is definitely a visionary thinking on Nelly and Cubans part.

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to drop 50 again and also, as you said, to be a playmaker, getting to the paint, the dribble, the drive and kick and all that stuff, saying he was prouder of his seven assists because he's uplifting the team.

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