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  • Do you think quarterback should be worried about Derrick Henry actually stealing the M V P even though normally goes to the signal?

  • Callers?

  • Not at all.

  • Not at all.

  • Russell Wilson would have to take a nose dive for him to worry about.

  • Derrick Henry and I Love Me some Derrick Henry.

  • But in this century, which is already 20 years old, they've only been three non quarterbacks to win the M V P.

  • Now they've all been running backs, but one of them was LaDainian Tomlinson.

  • The other was Marshall Faulk, right, both dynamic, multipurpose kind of backs, right?

  • They could catch passes.

  • They could do all kinds of stuff.

  • The Onley kind of power running back toe win in this century was Shaun Alexander, which people already forget, and his team made it to the Super Bowl, and he rushed for almost 2000 yards and guess how many touchdowns he scored that year.

  • Molly, How many answers?

  • 27.

  • So, like you have to do such absurd things as a running back, especially as this kind of running back toe win, the M v p.

  • You know, over guys like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

  • And by the way, the list goes on.

  • There are other quarterbacks who pop their heads up like Lamar Jackson hasn't looked good recently, but you look pretty good last year and for parts of this year, didn't he?

  • And newcomers like Josh Allen, if they get on track, or even his own teammate, Ryan Tannehill, who's played at the kind of outskirts of an M V P kind of level.

  • I see very little chance that Derrick Henry, who is awesome.

  • It's such so great to see a throwback kind of running back winning the M V P.

  • Well, let me tell you why I disagree with you because the points that you made while ballot uh, it's not impossible that Russell Wilson could nosedive, that Aaron Rodgers could have more games like the ones he just had on Sunday, that Lamar Jackson could ultimately have the game like he had against Kansas City.

  • If those things would have happened and Derrick Henry did more of what we saw Sunday than what are we saying he's not?

  • The likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

  • I get that, but we can't definitively rule it out with this guy, This guy, right?

  • He's had 116 yard rushing game 119 yard rushing game.

  • He had this 212 Russian game the other two games of the season.

  • He didn't rush over 100 yards.

  • Tennessee Titans of five enough, And obviously, this success is predicated on their running game and the exceptional coach job of Mike Vrabel and how tough minded these dudes are.

  • And they seem to know I need to give the ball of Derrick Henry because even though Ryan Tannehill throws the ball about 34 times a game, Derrick Henry runs the football 24.6 times per game.

  • He gets his opportunities, and when he gets his opportunities, we can't rule out what this brother is capable of doing.

  • I will remind you of a reminder in the post season last year, before he went the NFC championship game and got railroaded by Patrick Mahomes in that offensive explosion off the Kansas City Chiefs, he rushed for 182 yards in the game.

  • You know, in the first divisional playoff game, I think that was against Baltimore, then the second game, he rushed for 195 year old.

  • I'm sorry if I'm looking at this brother, do it in the postseason.

  • How am I going to rule out the possibility of him doing it in the regular season?

  • I'm not predicting that what happened.

  • I'm not predicting that he will win it.

  • What I'm saying is, when we talk about quarterbacks, worry about Derrick Henry still in the show.

  • If there was a running back to be worried about stealing the show at this particular moment in time, it would happen to be that brother from Alabama that is now in the National Football League, playing for the Tennessee Titans named Derrick Henry.

  • That dude, you know, my favorite part of this whole thing is that we're even having this conversation, which gives me hope, Max.

  • It gives me hope that absolutely not isn't the truth, right?

  • Because at the end of the day, as we're looking at all the quarterbacks you mentioned right talking about guys taking a as Patrick Mahomes performed like an M V P every week.

  • Like eso, Lett's have real conversations.

  • We give a ton of credit toe quarterbacks in winning and losing.

  • I'll be fair.

  • We give them way too much credit when they win, and we give them way too much credit when they lose.

  • In the truth of it all, in the mix of all this, players like Derek Henry and Aaron Donald get pushed it aside because all the conversation becomes a highlight conversation and they can't make as many highlights as quarterbacks can.

  • We saw a special one with the 94 yard run, which, by the way, was faster than Lamar Jackson's touchdown run, which just blows my mind because he's like £40 every he's looking.

  • He's a defensive tackle running 94 yards and No.

  • 12 catch him, including cornerbacks who are the fastest people on the planet.

  • So when you're talking about what kind of exceptional athlete he is, it's unbelievable to me.

  • But I do believe that when you begin to see how games are being one right now, especially the way the Titans air winning it, there's nothing pretty about these victories, right?

  • They win ugly as well as anybody in the NFL, but it's because of Derrick Henry that Tannehill looks like he does, and Tannehill's played fantastic.

  • He could honestly be and that same M V p conversation, because when plays need to be made, that touchdown to tie the game was an incredible throw by him, right?

  • Time's running out, seven seconds, whatever it was, and he makes that throw.

  • That's a dime.

  • Those things happen because of all the stability that Derrick Henry provides.

  • And I hope, as people who are getting these votes stop neglecting the Aaron Donald's and the Derrick Henry's of the NFL.

  • Because the truth is, it's those guys who are keeping all the quarterbacks names in our mouth, the truth of it.

  • Right, because you're getting Mawr opportunities to see highlights.

  • But everything now in the NFL is based on highlight.

  • Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs run the ball 46 times.

  • We're still gonna talk about Patrick Mahomes.

  • They ran it 46 times, and we'll still talk about how patient Mahomes was in their game plan to run the ball.

  • That that's right, like that's the reality of what we do is that we emphasize the quarterback position.

  • I'm letting you know Derrick Henry, full grown man, should definitely be in the conversation of that M v P.

  • Not only what he does for his team, but in the league, it's special.

  • Before you go.

  • Max Last four weeks.

  • Last four weeks.

  • Tennessee 33 31 42 42.

  • Yeah, yeah, but Tannehill's also been excellent.

  • It's not just because of Derrick Henry.

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Do you think quarterback should be worried about Derrick Henry actually stealing the M V P even though normally goes to the signal?

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