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  • humans love exploring the unknown.

  • Once we scoured land, sea and air, it only made sense that we turned our eyes to the stars way choose to go to the moon not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

  • Today, with private companies going to space almost regularly, it's easy to lose sight that this incredible human achievement was once just science fiction.

  • Let's find out how the science fiction inspired science reality.

  • In French sci fi pioneer Jules Verne's 18 65 novel From the Earth to the Moon, members of a gun club launched themselves in a projectile from a cannon to the moon.

  • Because why not?

  • Yeah, yeah, Verne attempted to do the actual math and work out what it would take to launch a vehicle to the moon.

  • As it turned out, he was surprisingly accurate was striking similarities to NASA's Apollo 11 command module.

  • Verne's fictional shell was hollow and made mostly of aluminum and was crewed by three people it launched from Florida and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean like the Apollo 11 command module would just over 100 years later, In July 1969 after Vern's novel came H.

  • G.

  • Wells, who wrote the First Men in the Moon at the turn of the century, and French filmmaker George May liaise, Who's 19?

  • 02 Silent film.

  • A Trip to the Moon is often called the first sci fi film.

  • Thes stories inspired real life rocket scientists to continue working on the problems of space travel Booth.

  • 19 fifties through US and the Soviet Union were in a space race.

  • The Soviet Union is launching the first Earth satellite.

  • Sputnik one flashes its radio signals from space three months after Sputnik three U.

  • S.

  • Launched Explorer one, the first American space satellite off into Space Man that takes riel teamwork on Here's a team of junior spaceman within out of this world breakfast.

  • With the development of spaceflight, public interest in space science reached new heights by the 19 sixties, inspiring future engineers and sci fi creators alike.

  • This was a time when Ursula Le Gwynn, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and Arthur C.

  • Clarke were writing some of their most prolific work.

  • During the 19 sixties, space appeared everywhere in pop culture in fashion fashions for the 21st century home design toys.

  • I'm going to the moon tonight we got our Buster Brown.

  • Risk it even in our cereal bowls.

  • New Post Count off a new way to help keep you in shape for the space age.

  • So why has this idea of space travel captured people's imaginations all the way to the breakfast table?

  • Sugar Chris.

  • Any of the snack, you know, because an idea of limitless space leads toa limitless possibilities.

  • It's a sentiment reflected by Rocket Pioneer Constantine Chekov's Hold on.

  • Let's rewind a little bit.

  • Yeah, him Remember him from earlier in the episode, he said, The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but humankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.

  • Yeah.

humans love exploring the unknown.

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This Cannon Launched Our Love of Space | How Sci-fi Inspired Science

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