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  • fishing is a relatively small industry in the UK, but it's always been central to Brexit.

  • It connects the notions of sovereignty and fairness.

  • It connects to fierce passion on both sides and the U.

  • K's trade negotiators.

  • No, there are clear expectations have the best fishing grounds on Europe has taken advantage of about 40 years on.

  • We want to take our grounds back.

  • Focus on fishing is constant in the Brexit process, on the idea that a country should decide who fishes in its waters has a persuasive logic.

  • As this English fishermen puts it, We're an island nation that's profit from their seats.

  • The UK government is in sync with that, saying it will decide who fishes in our waters and on what terms.

  • But what sounds simple is proving far from it, not least because the UK helped create the situation it now wants to change.

  • Let's start with deals done in the seventies by the UK and its neighbors.

  • They're the basis of the quota system that the U uses.

  • This is how it works.

  • Here's the U.

  • K s exclusive economic zone marked in red, but if you're in the U, it's not exclusive everyone zones are treated as a single shared resource.

  • Each country gets a quota based on their fishing catches in the seventies, and individual fishermen and companies can then own a part of that national quota, and that allows them to fish a certain amount.

  • So that's the system.

  • Then, in the nineties, some fishing rights change, some quotas lost value, and some English fishermen sold their quotas to foreign businesses.

  • They voluntarily gave up their right to fish their own waters on.

  • In that time, those quotas gain value.

  • The BBC found that by 2019 over half of the value of England's fishing quota was controlled by vessels in foreign ownership.

  • The same was true in Wales, though in Scotland the figure is much lower.

  • So because of the EU quota system because of foreign ownership, both of which the UK agreed to.

  • Europe's boats have been operating in UK waters for years on from a European perspective, there are good arguments for this to continue.

  • The first is that a way of life is a steak.

  • If we content her British waters, it's practically the end of our professional.

  • Emmanuel Macron is clear.

  • He says he won't let that happen, and no circumstances will our fishermen be sacrificed to Brexit.

  • The second argument is that the UK doesn't have a domestic market for some of its fish.

  • Take herring, for example.

  • European fish companies argue Either they catch it and sell it or English people have to learn to eat herring a lot of it.

  • But for all the European arguments, of course, Brexit is a reality.

  • The UK is opting out of the EU's quota system on.

  • We're heading for an inevitable reset on fishing.

  • Some argue that you has yet to accept this.

  • The analyst, Mujtaba Rahman, says the EU position on fish is absurd.

  • Essentially, it's everything changes because of Brexit, but on fish it stays the same.

  • Perhaps the point is that fishing, despite being a relatively small industry, is in fact about everything.

  • It's about the UK sense of sovereignty.

  • It's about brexiteers keeping promises.

  • It's about the U demonstrating its collective strength and one last thing on that here the use core principles for Brexit negotiations.

  • Look closely and you'll read.

  • Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, and that's where fishing finds itself part of a far larger conversation about how the U.

  • K and the U interact compromises are inevitable, resources will still be shared, and that includes, to some degree the U.

  • K's fish.

fishing is a relatively small industry in the UK, but it's always been central to Brexit.

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Brexit: Why is fishing a stumbling block in the trade talks? - BBC News

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