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  • If you've ever caught up in a moon cake, you might have found this inside.

  • It's not just any regular egg yolk, its yoke from assaulted egg or Shandon.

  • And when they're boiled, they look like this as opposed to this, uh, e, uh, down to lose, uh, have a handle.

  • People love the salty flavor so much that it's even been used in potato chips.

  • It's a classic ingredient in Chinese cuisine, and this city in China is famous for them because which produces these gorgeous eggs Or just two?

  • What about you?

  • Can you lose your sense of what your, uh, your job?

  • There are two ways to make salted eggs.

  • The traditional way involves packing it in mud while the modern way uses a vacuum seal.

  • Let's look at the traditional way.

  • First, the eggs are inspected under a light to check for deformities.

  • Then a clay is made with these ingredients.

  • Uh, Wandy, you can think that way.

  • And finally water is added to bind it all together.

  • Uh, woman, uh, Wani, uh, teaching tomorrow about searching number six years almost found liancheng.

  • You say funks engine sea fishing.

  • The mud creates a vacuum seal around the egg to keep out harmful bacteria.

  • Three.

  • Key ingredient in the mud assault, which diffuses into the egg white and yolk through the power of osmosis.

  • The water molecules exit the yolk into the egg white and then out of the shell.

  • That's why when you crack open a salted egg, the yolk is solid because the water from the yoke has been drawn out.

  • The ash absorbs that water and enhances the flavor.

  • Three.

  • Eggs air left to sit for 30 to 40 days, depending on the temperature of the environment.

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  • Can you want to G number two logo?

  • So can you want to go number one.

  • So much for your uh, you could Siona.

  • But while the egg yolk is solid, the egg white is still soft, which means they're still raw and need to be cooked at home before they could be eaten.

  • But nowadays, many eggs air made on an assembly line and sold ready to eat.

  • The process is similar to the traditional way.

  • The eggs are also coated with mud and salt, but then the mixture is washed off and the eggs are inspected through a light for quality control.

  • Finally there, vacuum sealed.

  • The main difference is that after the eggs air vacuum sealed, they're steamed in the high pressure cookers so they could be eating right away.

  • For the average consumer, there's not much of a difference between traditional eggs and modern eggs.

  • But who's a professional can tell the difference.

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  • Heart for beta carotene is the same pigment that turns carrots orange.

  • Eat enough of it and you'll be orange too.

  • He says the secret to a great salted egg is a happy and well fed duck.

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  • That's Shanshan s to a GTO.

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  • So you can you can, you know, good A.

If you've ever caught up in a moon cake, you might have found this inside.

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