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  • As the U.

  • S.

  • Gets ready to vote in just under four weeks, many in India are paying very close attention.

  • Over the past decade, thousands of Indians have flocked to the US, many of them applying their skills in the country's flourishing i t sector.

  • But the pandemic and the Trump administration's clampdown on visas have many in India concerned about the future.

  • DWS to Misha Ice Wall has been finding out why it's an election on the other side of the world.

  • But opinions on it abound on the streets of Delhi.

  • I definitely don't want Trump the first thought that don't get my mind because it's on the woman for sure and I don't want So from my perspective, I think Donald Trump will be a better president.

  • So I think that Joe Biden would definitely be better for India and he would be better for the US a swell who's ever comes?

  • The president off us.

  • The the relationship with the India should be much, much better.

  • But for some here, the result of that election so far away could be life changing.

  • Neil is Jog.

  • Nick, a software engineer at Google, lived in the U s for six years when India started canceling flights.

  • Um, with the Corona crisis in March, he rushed home to his family.

  • Now, despite a valid visa, he no longer feels confident about returning to Silicon Valley, thanks to confusing restrictions on immigrants from the current administration.

  • No delicious decision to return will hinge on whether Trump is re elected.

  • I am very worried about a second presidency, Tom, because who's to say what other laws welcome?

  • And I can't just go back and have, uh, my life taken away from me again.

  • His sister Symbian wants to study design in the US, but they're both putting their plans on hold until they see the outcome off the election.

  • Okay, some see advantages to a continued trump presidency and help.

  • Etcheverry, a garment exporter, sees immense value for his whole sector in Trump's tough stance on China the moment he will be re elected.

  • It is for sure that a lot of restrictions would be imposed on China, Chinese goods and Chinese exports to us, and the moment that happens to fill up that gap, there have to be certain treaties which will take place between India and us.

  • Those potential treaties, he believes, could be boosted by Trump's camaraderie with India's prime minister, Narendra Modi.

  • For now, Indian workers here will put plans on hold until the signal comes from the next American president.

  • Let's get more now with our chief international editor, Richard Walker, on this.

  • Good morning to you, Richard.

  • Um, US Indian relations have been deepening, haven't they?

  • Over the last few years, based on that strong personal relationship we heard about in the report as well between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi?

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • I mean, Donald Trump and Narendra Modi.

  • There are really interesting pair.

  • Both of them, uh, really fall into the category of broadly of populist nationalists, each in their own way.

  • And you really saw this on display earlier in the year.

  • I was in Delhi at the time when Trump came to visit India, and he took part in a huge rally, uh, in Modi's home state of Gujarat.

  • Really, which is Modi's power base?

  • It was Modi inviting him.

  • This is my home, and you know it's a really simple gesture to come into his home was absolutely and, you know, we see pictures of it taking place there, and that was a really sort of fanfare where you saw, you know, their message is really quite similar.

  • You know, Trump is kind of anti immigration, you know, has a very strong support from from a kind of white working class voters in the United States.

  • Uh, Modi is seen as you know, he's a Hindu nationalist, really.

  • His base is India's Hindu majority, and he's seen is quite hostile to the Muslim minority.

  • So they are quite sort of natural allies in the way.

  • And it's quite interesting that that is reflected in Trump's relative popularity in India compared to in other countries around the world.

  • Most recent numbers from the Pew Research show a 56% approval rating for Donald Trump in India.

  • Now, that's certainly far higher than he would see in any European country or at home.

  • He could only wish for numbers like that in the United States running into this election.

  • But there's it's not just a personal relationship between these two men and and all the commonalities they share.

  • There's also some really strategic strategic elements that both countries have in common.

  • Are there absolutely and there it's really all about China?

  • E.

  • I mean, of course, this has been the year where we've seen more and more talk about a kind of new Cold War between the United States and China that China's rises is a fundamental kind of threat to American hegemony, particularly in the Pacific region.

  • Andi.

  • This is also a threat to India, and we've seen that really explode.

  • This year with a border clashes between India and China on the very remote border that they have high up in the Himalayan mountains, dozens of soldiers killed.

  • There's a simmering, longstanding border dispute there which has never been resolved.

  • But it hasn't really flared up like this in a very long time.

  • And this is just evidence of the fact that both of both of these countries, the rise of China is a major challenge.

  • Eso whoever wins the White House building on that relationship with India is going to be a big priority, I think, for Biden as well, and not just even for the United States for other Western countries, another democracies.

  • More broadly, we also see even Germany talking about an Indo Pacific strategy, trying to kind of broaden it's it's a network of partners in thes Indo Pacific region.

  • Eso India's relations with the US and the West.

  • Something to watch Richards ever great to talk to.

  • You look forward to hearing more about this Moving forward.

  • Richard Walker Thanks so much for coming in.

As the U.

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