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  • Kevin.

  • How are you?

  • I'm good.

  • Conan.

  • How you doing, buddy?

  • I'm doing great.

  • You know, I love that you're standing.

  • This is very dynamic.

  • What you're doing, you're standing.

  • You look like you're just really ready to go.

  • I do everything standing up now.

  • I would stand up desk.

  • I would stand up car E, stand up bed, everything.

  • Standing for a stand up car in a stand up bed.

  • That just sounds It sounds idiotic.

  • I had to be honest with you.

  • Well, let's not Let's not be name calling so early, right?

  • You're right.

  • You're right.

  • Let's let's do this nicely.

  • You and I have been friends for quite a long time.

  • Was hang out a lot.

  • And I happened to know that you recently went through shoulder surgery.

  • I saw you just before you were gonna have the surgery.

  • How did it go?

  • Well, yeah, there's the what's left of the shoulder.

  • It went well.

  • They replaced my shoulder.

  • And you were nice enough to send me this gift basket worth $167 because you left the receipt in the bag.

  • And of course I looked at it.

  • Bakery goods.

  • Yeah.

  • No, I know.

  • I just wanted you to know how much I spent.

  • It was $167 of of baked goods.

  • And that's a lot.

  • That's a lot of money I spent on you.

  • And but, you know, it was like six loaves of bread, which I could never eat.

  • You know, they it was good bread to is from the nice bakery.

  • No preservatives.

  • So it got moldy after an hour.

  • No, I know.

  • That was the idea.

  • And then the croissants and the chocolate croissants on all the pastries.

  • I mean, e I had to give a lot of it away to the gardener.

  • Okay, well, I think it's the thought that counts.

  • And the fact did it cost $167 really nicely.

  • I appreciate that.

  • I've been telling everybody like you asked me to.

  • Good.

  • Did you tell the trades variety?

  • Hollywood reporter called the trades.

  • I told deadline.

  • Good.

  • But so there comes from the stand up desk because I still sit in my chair.

  • So it's like I'm always like reaching up, right?

  • So you have a That's terrible.

  • Stand up and you still sit in a regular chair.

  • That's not Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • That's not good.

  • That's not good.

  • You should probably stop doing that.

  • But you feel okay.

  • You can move.

  • You could move.

  • The old wing is we can you know, it's been a couple of weeks, so I'm not going crazy.

  • It's just been this right side.

  • Yeah, but it feels actually pretty good.

  • The hardest thing is sleeping at night.

  • Yeah, not because of the shoulders, but because of the stand up bed.

  • Yeah, and probably your conscience.

  • You've done a lot of bad things in your life.

  • That is true, man.

  • But I have not been canceled yet.

  • I have not been canceled.

  • Oh, they'll get you.

  • They certainly will.


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Kevin Nealon Is Recovering From Shoulder Surgery - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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