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  • you guys want basically three final three quarters, but they really hit you guys in the mouth in that first quarter.

  • Why was it so hard to counter that?

  • What we did kind of counter it, but I honestly, I thought they just played more aggressive.

  • They got into us the entire game.

  • I thought offensively, we just refused to move the ball and make simple plays.

  • A Z, beautiful as we move the ball in Game one, were the exact opposite in Game two.

  • So first quarter was defense the next three quarters.

  • Bad offense, Doc.

  • There was Yokich from three, maybe four.

  • And you guys were a little slow to contest.

  • Yeah, on the first one on the first three?

  • Yeah.

  • How critical is that?

  • I think it seemed like the rim just kept looking Figure Figure that well, it should have when Yokich had, like, 30 seconds to shoot those first three threes.

  • So, I mean, he's a good player to begin with when we give them nine points.

  • Uh, he's just gonna get more confident.

  • I thought, you know, Murray was dominant on.

  • I thought your justice dominate in the first quarter.

  • But, Doc, what was the biggest adjustment Denver did to kind of keep quiet from getting to his spots and just basically showing him resistance.

  • Every time he was inside, I thought they just switched a lot.

  • And you know, that's it.

  • They stayed in front of the ball.

  • I thought our space and could have been better.

  • Onda We didn't have many downhill attacks, which I thought herders as well.

  • Cameron.

  • Hey, Coach, today, the telecast.

  • So you're talking about the ball popping at halftime?

  • Is that a symbolism for teamwork or being crisp with the place that we call, uh, teamwork for sure.

  • And you know what happens though?

  • You're each guy comes in and thinks he's gonna win the game for you.

  • And what happens is it becomes an individual game.

  • And, you know, we had 17 turnovers in 20 assists.

  • Um, 17 turnovers.

  • A reflection of forcing, uh, too many plays instead of just letting the offense happened.

  • Thanks.

  • Okay.

  • I just want to get your thoughts on kind of a night tonight.

  • Kind of where the bench didn't really get a chance to get going as much as they do.

  • How much that affected the starters, so Yeah, well, I thought the starters put themselves in trouble first.

  • You know, the starters that the one that got us down if you look at the plus minus our starters or minus 16 1918.

  • So the bench came in, uh, in a tough game when they walked in.

  • Sometimes the starters have to set the table, and that didn't happen tonight.

  • Every right it, Doc, You're my glad?

  • A pretty impactful.

  • 26 minutes.

  • Yeah, there were some times when but with starting for and they limited what they could do defensively, was that just a reaction to the pressure on yoga or what was the way?

  • Just put him at the five.

  • Actually, I thought he was very good at the five.

  • You know, I thought he was really the only one that show Jochen Jenny Physicality.

  • Um, everybody else.

  • You just got whatever he wanted.

  • I thought John Michael got into him and and play them physical.

  • And then, on the other hand, he stretches the floor force, which is good as well we collected, but that in terms of defending Yokich, is that gonna be something?

  • Obviously it's not a one person job.

  • Yeah, you guys are gonna have to do a bunch of different ways.

  • Yeah, he's a great player.

  • I mean, great players or great, because they're very difficult to defend.

  • And so, uh, he's definitely too smart to give one look, that's for sure.

  • It's all the questions we have.

  • I love you guys.

  • Thank you.

  • Oh, thank you very far.

  • First talk, a whole lot about sort of needing to be physical against you, Andi, Obviously, they came out with markets.

  • College reality today.

  • Is that something that can prepare for or you're just too once.

  • Yeah, we just need to play hard ourselves.

  • I thought they just listen.

  • I thought they deserved the win in so many ways.

  • Um, they played with so much more force than us.

  • Uh, they moved the ball.

  • They trusted their offense on We didn't do any of those things.

  • And so I mean, it's amazing we had a chance in the fourth.

  • Cut it to seven.

  • Uh, I thought that was a huge miscall on your Michael's layup.

  • You should have picked up his fifth foul.

  • What it called.

  • But other than that, I thought it was all Denver.

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you guys want basically three final three quarters, but they really hit you guys in the mouth in that first quarter.

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