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  • balls are an iconic part of Chinese cuisine.

  • They're a prolific symbol of Chinese culture in restaurants across the world and even on the silver screen.

  • Of course, it falls are everywhere in China, but they're especially loved in the north of China.

  • And there's one city in particular that's known for them.

  • We went there to learn Chinese food is more than just stir fry noodles and dumplings.

  • I'm Claressa on.

  • I'm taking you on a journey through China to try authentic Chinese food region by region.

  • Today we're in Tan Jing with a guy whose family has been making bolus here for over 200 years.

  • Yeah, what about, uh, about shit here?

  • Cheat is one of three Legacy Bow brands in the city, and they all specialize in pocket size fluffy bows.

  • Uh, here's how he makes them first mix flour and water together.

  • I see some cars.

  • Chiclet is a follow.

  • Okay, he adds a bit of east, and then the mixture is needed until the bull is clean.

  • It's then fed through this machine, which laminates the dough.

  • This helps develop the gluten in the dough.

  • The more developed the gluten is, the more chewy and full of the final product will be.

  • It's then laminated until it's smooth and wrapped in plastic to rest.

  • Next, it's on to the filling ground.

  • Pork is mixed with minced ginger, along with soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, canola oil and scallions infused with sesame oil.

  • Water is added in as necessary.

  • Uh, somebody e o que e.

  • What?

  • Good e?

  • Uh, e o while the mixture is in the fridge, it's timeto laminate the dough one last time.

  • But how do you know when a doe is done?

  • Charles reminded me.

  • Yet she'll home is your home shall junior.

  • Okay, Okay.

  • Okay.

  • How is my shit?

  • Not all.

  • Check out counter American phone work.

  • Uh, Sunday.

  • The window.

  • My number until Oh, yeah, it's in the booth.

  • Yeah.

  • You know, when you were a dog.

  • Mm.

  • Okay.

  • Next, it's time to wrap the ball, which, to me, at least, was the hardest part of the whole process.

  • The dough is cut and rolled out with two rolling sticks, which ensures that the skin has a uniform thickness.

  • Just so, the main guard eating tight war water are the churches.

  • Finally, the bow is wrapped.

  • And then it's steamed for 4.5 minutes.

  • So what sets Tan Jing balls apart from other balls?

  • Pure ball?

  • Shut up!

  • Listen, I told y'all that's really open.

  • Twitter.

  • Yeah, so could you, could you?

  • Krystle?

  • None are searching for ways to make chamber, and that's it for Eat China.

  • Siri's.

  • It's been such a ride.

  • We learned how to make Cantonese rice noodle roles in Hong Kong sampled the bold and spicy flavors of Sichuan and Chongqing went east to indulge your sweet tooth and finished off in the north with lots of fun.

  • If you missed our other episodes, check out the playlist link in the description.

  • Thank you so much for coming along with us on the journey.

  • Okay, way.

balls are an iconic part of Chinese cuisine.

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