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  • The fact of the matter is they missed the playoffs.

  • Last year, they went 88 And this year with that, the whole game, they won one game, which they should have absolutely lost.

  • It took one of the worst mental breakdowns in the history of football for them to even win that game.

  • And they beat the Giants by the skin of their teeth.

  • And it was not going great when Dad was in the game.

  • So how much better does Andy Dalton?

  • What does Andy Dalton really need to do?

  • I'll tell you what I'm willing to sever for Trevor.

  • I'll give you Daniel Jones for 1/4 round pick.

  • Did you come up?

  • That's right.

  • Did you see?

  • Oh, for 1/4 round pick?

  • The Giants are gonna be drafting first overall.

  • Can I interest Dallas in a Daniel Jones?

  • That was the best line Max has ever given Sever Trevor.

  • He came up with that.

  • I am impressed.

  • I like I like it.

  • I like it.

  • I mean, but, like, seriously, Yeah, I mean, you had No, no, I agree with you.

  • That that Andy Dalton, that that if it comes down to win, because remember we talked about.

  • Was that doing enough?

  • I think it was a week ago or two weeks ago, and I said I didn't think he was.

  • I felt like he had to beat the Russell Wilson's and beat the Jared golf that the numbers really didn't matter.

  • So if it still comes down to that and Jerry Jones is gonna look simply at the wins and losses off that Prescott or the wins and losses of this team without him, he doesn't get that deal.

  • He doesn't get that money, which is why I stated in the beginning, unless that concedes, unless Dak says my leverage is gone, I'll take what I can to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

  • I think that he plays for another team because I don't believe Jerry Jones will go above and beyond based on personal feelings for that real quick.

  • I just got like, I've heard now from multiple sources that, um, this is people like seem to be pointing towards.

  • That's agent.

  • People seem to be saying that in fact, there were efforts made to sign them to a big deal, but this idea of the opt out right where of the shorter term deal was big, um, for the for Dax representation, for a variety of reasons.

  • Andi.

  • And if that's the case, guys, Patrick Mahomes signed a team friendly deal.

  • I know it was for more money than that, but he's a lot better than DAC Um, that's a team friendly deal.

  • But he has the money.

  • Dak was offered over $100 million and for whatever reason, he turned it down, and part of his value was wrapped up in his durability.

  • He's always there, not just the leader of he's always there.

  • I don't wanna be down on Dak Prescott.

  • He's gone through hell recently and I don't wanna hear people talking about Oh, but he has $30 million this year.

  • I'm sure you give that money back, have his family intact, right?

  • Like I'm so sorry for Dak Prescott what he's been through.

  • But the fact of the matter is, this was a choice as far as his professional life goes to not sign that contract.

  • And this is the risk, is it not?

  • No, you're You're absolutely right, Max.

  • And I think you know, I'm truly trying to balance the player in me who understands what he's going through with also the analyst.

  • That has to say, Okay, Dak was offered a certain deal.

  • He felt like that deal wasn't good enough.

  • I think the thing Dan Graziano makes this point consistently and constantly that he was offered Ah, good deal.

  • I don't know the exact numbers.

  • I don't know the numbers enough to say if I think that's a deal he should have taken or not.

  • But the fact of the matter is this.

  • He bet on himself.

  • He didn't want that deal.

  • He bet that he would play well, which I believe he was.

  • He thought that they would win, which they weren't, and he believed that he would be healthy.

  • Now all of those things are gone.

  • The leverage is totally in the place of Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, the Dallas Cowboys organization.

  • And so, with that, we could say plainly right now that his agent and Dak Prescott made a mistake.

  • Now it's about what are the next steps.

  • Does it even matter how well the Dallas Cowboys play without that?

  • Prescott doesn't matter how well Andy Dalton performs, because now we have to figure out what is this next deal or this next offer going to be based on all.

  • And all I'm saying is this.

  • I'm not trying to absolve that Prescott or his agent Max.

  • All I'm saying is this In 2000 and 13 Tony Romo was made the highest paid player in the history of the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

  • That all of that.

  • That is inescapable because, again, that Prescott was very comparable to Tony Romo.

  • The personal affection and affinity that Jerry Jones for Tony Romo is different than that.

  • Okay, I wouldn't say that, but they tried to have that break his record.

  • That wouldn't take the money just, by the way, today change cowboys that one of you changes over a span of said.

  • You're right, you're right.

  • It wasn't proportionally as much as you e that Dallas Cowboys you guys today.

  • It was lucky that he didn't sign that deal, considering the injury took place.

  • They're not on the hook for uninjured quarterback for over 100 million.

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The fact of the matter is they missed the playoffs.

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First Take discusses the leverage shift between Dak Prescott & Jerry Jones

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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