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  • e need you like a hiccup?

  • Needs a hick like a clock needs a tic tac tic.

  • Stick by me and pick me.

  • Please be quick.

  • Oh, cut it out.

  • I need you like a shoe.

  • Lace needs a shoe like a train Needs a track like a duck needs a I need you like a king needs a queen.

  • I'm queuing up to be seen with you I'm for another crazy I'm quivering quick.

  • You feeling crazy?

  • Even if the questions are quite easy I'm so quiet without you near me no one can ever hear me.

  • What does a duck with the hiccups side Quick, quick e bead you back.

  • Hickel needs a hick like a clock needs a tic tac tic Stick by May M pick may play me quick.

  • I think she's really un cool.

  • Need you like a shoelace?

  • Needs a shoe train Needs a track like a dog Needs a e Need you back again Needs a queen You end up to be seen with quiz e feeling Even if questions are easy and quiet Without you near me no one can ever hear me What tubs of duck Wake up!

  • That's quite a dune e Need you like a cop?

  • Need a hick like oclock Need a tic tac tic Click on me and pick me Please meet I What?

  • It quit.

  • Oh, What way?

  • Why?

  • There's no need to shout, Brother, We can barely hear ourselves play Need to make some nice If we want to be a rock band we don't We want to play pop Disappointing We'll play our music then And you play yours?

  • No.

  • Yes.

  • We can have a battle of the bands.

  • Done.

  • So who wants to be in our band?

  • Jump over.

  • Let me join.

  • Yeah.

  • Ah, but job, job, job, job, job This'll isn't going to work.

  • Fear not.

  • I'll make the band fabulous A fab Let's boogie blocks with with way Bye Bye way, Way dead.

  • No way readings, ex fans.

  • I can fix this, but I'm going to need some help.

  • I'm in.

  • Fantastic.

  • Hey, fix, Hold out your hand.

  • Hold out your hand.

  • You soon see who's the best six.

  • Oh, hey, I'm happy with I like a puppy that's wagging east a kill.

  • I'm sticking with I and soon will be your note A trail.

  • I take care of the room was setting a, uh sale.

  • Okay, Yes.

  • My name is e Can't do it a a way when magic He does his magic on me Way I can bake a cake Land honesty You can make me say my hey Name e My name is a e p Thank you, friends I couldn't have done it without you When I'm with why we say hey when I'm with way on When Magic E does his magic on me way You're on the 18 on with you by my side I'm gonna be a okay, Yeah Oh, no Time to go Oh, hello Have you had as interesting a day as I have Oh, oh, Yep Oh oh e Oh, where does with me We say, Oh, where knows with me we say Oh, yes, I magic e on when oh goes with me we say Oh, oh me Cross my heart We'd never tell her I lie I am a bright blue butterfly e made of stinky cheese E don't need friends e mean nobody likes me Somebody likes me We all do You're our friend It's true way Oh, I like you and I like you too.

e need you like a hiccup?

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