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  • my impression of Tokyo is this is a city where aesthetics and appearances really matter.

  • There's a really attention to beauty.

  • E have a feeling that I'd be able to understand Tokyo a little bit better by doubling a bit in its artsy.

  • So I'm gonna be exploring a little bit of the old art world and also a little bit of than you I'm gonna be starting by exploring Sumi.

  • This'd is a very ancient art form.

  • It's basically meditation meets Art E.

  • Smeal What she's in.

  • You have no mistake in this crisis.

  • A lovely so mia pain does paint, not what they saw.

  • They paint what they feel.

  • Everything is in your heart.

  • So it's not about trying to be as accurate or as detailed as possible.

  • It's about capturing the essence.

  • Soon it could be described as a minimalist art form.

  • Apparently the white represents the universe, while the black ink itself represents the material world.

  • You Oh, lovely, quite happy with.

  • So I'm now going from the very Zen traditional world off sunnier to the larger than life ultra modern world of Mangga.

  • In a lot of parts of the world comics, the scene is really niche.

  • It's the complete opposite.

  • In Japan, Mangga is a part of everyday Tokyo life.

  • So how do we do it?

  • How do we draw mango using structure?

  • So some people say it's more like engineering engineering.

  • Yeah, you can see.

  • So it's all about geometry.

  • It's amazing how quickly the faces transforming the group's basic lines.

  • What I find interesting is how cinema has influenced the creation of manga.

  • The characters can be depicted from different angles, a bit like a camera.

  • Monday's, of course, drawing so can't move and no sound.

  • Well, they tried to produce movement.

  • We think the money is not reading more like watching like TV.

  • Nice.

  • It's so nice.

  • Samir Mangga.

  • Two different art forms, One ancient, one modern Having experienced both of them, has made me see the city a little bit differently as well.

  • What they both have in common is this sense of intent, every brush stroke, there's meaning behind it.

my impression of Tokyo is this is a city where aesthetics and appearances really matter.

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Delve into Tokyo's amazing art scene

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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