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  • What do you make of Darryl Mori's decision to step down from the Rockets?

  • Um, I was bummed out by this, and then I thought about it for a second, and it reminded me of back when Ricky Williams with such an eccentric and he was an artist, sort of trying to fit in on armies rigidities.

  • I was like Daryl Morey doesn't seem like he fits in this world this world of basketball.

  • He likes other things.

  • He's a creative.

  • He's somebody who's writing musicals about sexual giants in his spare time.

  • And he's sort of fiddling around with this, uh, this little toy of basketball and saying, I'll put James Harden here.

  • I'll take big swings, won't be conservative and all.

  • I hope this is him getting on to a new creative life because basketball the world is too small for him.

  • Yeah, this is obviously breaking news for us, so there isn't much that I can add to that.

  • I'll just say that my personal experience with Daryl Morey because I've gone to his Sloan conference in Boston for the past couple of years.

  • He just didn't feel like the kind of guy that normally is in that role, and that's not a negative.

  • And it's not even necessarily a positive.

  • He just was, I don't know.

  • He was very welcoming, and he was very easy to talk.

  • Thio.

  • I've texted with him, and that's not a thing I can say, because if you know the kind of stuff I do on this network, it's not really the person who texts with sources.

  • Hey, drinks Mountain Dew on stage at Sloan.

  • It's just like all these little things about him that makes him different and interesting and easy to approach.

  • Eso It's a bummer to see him go, but I do want to commemorate what he did with the Houston Rockets, though, because as the history of basketball culture goes, he's a seminal figure.

  • He is the Billy Beane off the N B A in various respects, founding that conference of nerds that all of us, I think I've gone to a some point just being one piece of it.

  • The Houston Rockets are hailed as this template for being a data driven, analytically minded front office that other teams have tried to copy.

  • He has had a fruitful front office general managing tree, but when this news came out.

  • My first thought was, Yeah, I'm not surprised by this.

  • He's been warring with his owner, Tilman Fertitta, who is kind of a loose cannon businessman in his own right.

  • But the second thing is, it's not surprising because Daryl Morey, let's not forget, is seminal because he's the guy who tweeted free Hong Kong, that name had to delete it and launched this entire political fight between the N B.

  • A and America and China.

  • And so, for that reason, the disappearance of Daryl Morey after this past season always felt foretold.

  • I'm just curious how much that's gonna rise to the surface as we do the postmortem on it.

  • For all the reasons you guys gave, I think this isn't particularly surprising, right?

  • Like after the China incident, I imagine he's kind of sick of all of this and wants to break Katya right.

  • He's like this creative, interesting guys clearly, um, keen on going into other fields.

  • I mean, my first interaction with Daryl Morey was that he tried to hire me to do an Etch a sketch to learn free agents.

  • This is the actual things that happened years.

  • Name Drop Etch a sketch drop that's never been done before.

  • Never in the history of television.

  • Someone.

  • Do you have it?

  • Is it nearby?

  • My actual sketches downstairs, but never in the history of television as someone named Dropped via Etch a Sketch, but also never in the history of basketball has a GM tried to lure a free agent with an edge of sketch.

  • I had to tell Daryl that if I did this, I would then have to report on who he was trying to bring in via my Etch A sketch source, which would probably a first in the history of best.

  • Well, hold on, hold on, Hold on.

  • Hold on.

  • Number mean a difference.

  • Number one.

  • What kind of a weirdo, eh?

  • NBA superstar would look at that sketch by Mina Kimes and be like, Yes, this is my team.

  • And number two, if that news that mean it just broke herself had come out before Darryl's dip.

  • Ozel, I would have been like, Yeah, you probably stepped down because that is super humiliating.

  • Okay?

  • And right now it has gritty.

  • That was the last thing I just sketched.

  • She's really comes, really comes across, and he's really good at it.

  • It's a strange It's such an unusual talent.

  • Tohave Yeah, it's not really working.

  • E s gritty.

  • Look at that.

  • Look it.

  • Look at that.

  • That's pretty good for an extra sketch.

  • Like, I don't know, go is pretty good.

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What do you make of Darryl Mori's decision to step down from the Rockets?

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Daryl Morey tried to hire Mina Kimes to do an Etch A Sketch for a free agent | Highly Questionable

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