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  • Oh, hey, check out this achievement hunter merchandise, Multi ball.

  • Oh, I'm just going to imagine a world where superpowers are common so called quirks which can be trained at distinguished academies in hopes of becoming a superhero.

  • I know what you're thinking.

  • If everyone's got a power, then no one is super right.

  • Except most quirks are really lame, like a balloon facer, stretchy eyeballs you.

  • Even then, there are some unlucky few who don't have any quirk at all.

  • You may already know one of these core colas is Ikuma Doria.

  • But before him there came another one who would change the world.

  • His name is Toshinori Yagi Dozen or he wasn't a pushover, though.

  • Even without a superpower, he wanted to become the symbol of peace.

  • And thanks Toa pro hero Nana Chamara.

  • He found a way Cameras quirk had the unique ability to be directly passed on to a new user.

  • And she saw something special in Toshinori.

  • And so he became the next bearer of one for all on ultra powerful quirk that let him become that symbol of peace with a never ending smile on his face.

  • All might I am s now a truly remarkable hero.

  • All my quickly rose through the local rankings, but fame wasn't the reward he sought.

  • He legitimately just wanted to help people.

  • Yeah, just look at that big old grin.

  • That's not just for show.

  • He keeps his smile up to make sure the people around him feel safe.

  • And with his powers, Why wouldn't they all might can punch with enough force to change the weather or jump so high people mistaken for flying?

  • You might say they're taking a flying leap in logic.

  • What happened to saving your ponds until the end of the video?

  • This is the end of the video.

  • What student next week, and you might hear about the guy All my, It's fighting.

  • What might guy whiz?

  • His name is my guy.

  • Not a hard joke to understand.

  • See you next week.

Oh, hey, check out this achievement hunter merchandise, Multi ball.

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/24
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