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  • guys.

  • We all know the upper class people, and we all know the middle class people.

  • But did you know about the useless class?

  • Yes, it's a new group of people that you or your kid maybe part off.

  • Trust me, this video is worth your time.

  • I learned about it by reading this book.

  • Let me explain.

  • See in the world 90% off people that can work have a job.

  • And based on how much the job pays, they are in one off three classes upper, middle or lower class.

  • But in the future, ah, lot off our jobs will simply disappear.

  • For example, take the taxi.

  • Right now we have million's off taxi drivers, but most cars in the future will drive themselves just like this test HLA no, you don't need to do anything.

  • No speed, no speed.

  • If you want self driving, no hands E on.

  • Because of this technology, at some point we will not need a human to drive this car.

  • It's much safer for a robot to do it, and this is how million's off taxi drivers will be out of a job.

  • And you didn't hear that from me.

  • You heard it from the author himself.

  • Hi, my name is Yuval Noah Harari and I wrote the book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

  • Every year, about 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents around the world.

  • Autonomous vehicles might end up cutting that number to nearly zero.

  • Travel agents, McDonald's staff or even airport check in staff will also be out off a job.

  • In other words, we will have so many humans and not enough jobs toe give them Machines are taking over.

  • And if you don't know how to code, it's gonna be really hard to get another job.

  • So million's off.

  • People will be unemployed and unemployable.

  • This sounds depressing, but please hear me out.

  • We build machines not to make life harder, but to make it easier.

  • And when machines do all the work for us, we can spend time doing what we love traveling, creating and building families.

  • But the real question is, when you don't have a job, how do you make money?

  • Well, this is the difficult part.

  • If you trust your government to take care of you, then you have nothing to worry in the future.

  • The government will give you a universal basic income so you can live comfortably forever.

  • The use This class will just have fun if you don't trust your government than you better learn how to code or how to make videos fast so you can get a job in the future because there is a risk that you will be unemployed, unemployable and broke.

  • This is a future no one wants to see.

  • I think you get it by now.

  • The glass is half full, half empty, but the idea is very exciting.

  • In the future, humans will not need to do boring work for money.

  • They will on Lee work for fun.

  • They will create music.

  • They will create videos, friendships and families that use this class will have the most fun.

  • Let the robots do the work and let us do the living before you go.

  • One last thing.

  • That video you just saw I made using this camera and this microphone.

  • But for the first time ever, I'm ditching my camera and I'm picking up my podcasting equipment because yes, I'm starting a podcast.

  • It's called mass talks.

  • It's free and it's on Lee on Spotify and if you liked that video.

  • I think you're gonna love the podcast because I just wanted to make a podcast about things that I would listen to about topics that I wanna listen.

  • Thio.

  • Yes.

  • No Stocks is 100% honest and raw and deep.

  • And by the way, it's 100% free.

  • So keep your money and give me your ears.

  • Because if you like this video, I think you're gonna love this podcast.

  • See you on Spotify.


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Say Hello To The Useless Class

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