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  • Hi, this is Jessica.

  • I'm a reporter.

  • Go threat.

  • Like most of you might have experienced over the past few weeks.

  • I've been stuck at home practicing social distancing, and one thing that's been helping me get through these trying times is tic tac.

  • It's been helping people all over the world get through the bottom off.

  • Working from home social distancing tech talks is a thing now, but when it comes to tick tock challenges, getting really good at them takes a huge amount of practice.

  • So I decided to use my social isolation time to Paul, my heart and soul into becoming a tic tac stuff.

  • Yes, you heard me, and I'm going to try a new Ticktock challenge every single day for five days.

  • Day one.

  • I wanted to start with something easy, so I decided to do a dance challenge.

  • There are so many dance challenges on tech talk.

  • This is the EP that gave us the world Get up, The Obsessed by Mariah Carey.

  • But for someone who can dance, it's all very daunting.

  • They all look like professional dances.

  • I picked a dollop a challenge because honestly, it looked the least complicated.

  • The very first time I tried it, you can see me scanning the back of my brain, trying to remember the moves.

  • It wasn't going anywhere.

  • So I decided to find a dance to Tora online, to see whether I couldn't get more help.

  • That really helped.

  • And after trying again for like, 50 times, got it.

  • E.

  • It was pretty fun.

  • And also pretty good workout because I was on my feet jumping around for like, three hours.

  • I think I'll give myself three out of 51 point for effort, one point for kind off.

  • Remembering the dance moves another for like remembering to, like Do the shimmy.

  • I'll give it a three out of five.

  • This'll challenge you to find items in your house, and we create iconic poses.

  • It's all about being creative with whatever you have and kneeling those facial expressions.

  • So I decided I wanted Thio some scenes from DNC Palace, the best Chinese drama ever, and their expressions are so good.

  • Luckily, because of a previous shoot, I actually had a glue gun and some leftover cloth, so I decided to recreate the regal outfit.

  • I noticed that a color kind of looked like two masts sticking out.

  • So I decided Thio, use that as well since I have some must e bring the beat Lifelike journal Young gang starts with the kill switch Joseph, pose pose Polls pose, pose, pose digital I did not waste the mask.

  • I reused the mask Don't at me in the comments for racing mosque at a time like this the pointing post was really challenging Because where in the world was I gonna find a crown and a gold?

  • One of that And then I thought, Ok, you know what's really valuable these days?

  • Toilet paper polls pose, pose, pose post close pose just off e think that I was pretty creative So I give myself I thought of five stars The movie posted challenge.

  • So I actually first saw this video not on tick tock but on quite a show which is an alternative to talk in China E back before the meeting that way.

  • Thanks, guy.

  • He waas stuck on a lock down and he we created iconic Chinese posters using whatever ingredients that he found at home.

  • I thought it was so cool.

  • So I decided to do something similar.

  • I noticed just James one poster outside my house.

  • Obviously, I haven't seen the movie yet because the cinemas are all closed.

  • I had an aroma diffuser, so I used it to create fall.

  • And I use my ring light to create a mysterious effect.

  • Yeah, Yeah, e don't know.

  • It didn't really work out.

  • Maybe it was my angling or something.

  • It just didn't look as cool as what I had planned out in my head.

  • So if you have any tips for how the light please live in the comments, I would love to know.

  • I give myself, like, two out of five stars.

  • Chinese tongue, Twister Challenge, Hong Kong, Hong Kong E My boss Daisy made me do it.

  • And I was telling her I can't because I can't meet traditional Chinese.

  • How am I going to attempt this challenge without failing miserably?

  • Something e Uh huh.

  • By some night.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Zero out of five stars.

  • I can't even do it.

  • I can't e going out and clubbing with hundreds of people jam packed together like a can of sardines.

  • Forget it.

  • Not in a time of coronavirus.

  • Luckily, there's a thing called cloud rage.

  • Thing is so cool.

  • The deejay.

  • He live streams from his own house, and you can join in without even leaving your own room.

  • Clubbing is all about getting the vibe, the music, the lights showing off your best dance.

  • Smooth your your white don't at home, But I just don't It just didn't feel right to be raving in my sweatpants on.

  • It was really fun.

  • I give this challenge a five out of five.

  • I think this is my favorite challenge so far.

  • Just because I thought it was so creative and it was really fun to kind of just dance away your troubles, just even for a little bit.

  • Admittedly, I came into the challenge without any knowledge of tech talk, and I didn't really understand why so many people were into it.

  • But after a week of doing it, I kind of understand why so many people are finding solace in it.

  • It's just a really, really fun way to pass the time.

  • E.

Hi, this is Jessica.

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