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  • bang.

  • Hi.

  • Hi.

  • Hi.

  • Hi.

  • I'm baby t Rex, but I'm afraid everything is so e can take smooth I'm baby t rex, but I'm afraid everything is so e o big and tall e b the dinosaur e scared baby T Rex, Mommy T Rex and baby T Rex have come out to hunt together.

  • But baby t Rex seems to be very scared.

  • Mhm, No.

  • Oh, Mommy e can't do it.

  • How can I white a dinosaur that's bigger than me with my little teeth?

  • I'm so scared you can do it.

  • Just try.

  • Oh, what is this?

  • It's just a baby dinosaur.

  • Let's just go eat some more grass.

  • Oh, my baby T Rex was scared of a lot of things.

  • Even little things startled him.

  • Mommy T.

  • Rex remembered when help may There's a big dinosaur he's trying to attack May.

  • They're just small baby.

  • Most saurus is a a really, really big dinosaur.

  • That dinosaur is Apatosaurus.

  • He's very big, but he's a gentle plant eating dinosaur.

  • Oh, Mommy, Mommy!

  • There's a terrifying dinosaur above our heads.

  • What if they blew us away with their wings?

  • That's Tirana.

  • Don Ah, flying reptile T rexes air the king of all dinosaurs.

  • I have to teach baby T Rex how to be brave, sweetheart, You can't follow me around forever.

  • You're a strong meat eating dinosaur.

  • Go show them how strong you are.

  • I know I can't.

  • I can't do anything by myself.

  • You'll do great on your own.

  • You're a T Rex king of all dinosaurs.

  • Mommy T Rex sent baby t rex far away.

  • There's probably no one at the beach.

  • Right, Z how did I get so far?

  • I'm a pretty fast runner.

  • Is it because of my strong hind legs?

  • E should try running again, huh?

  • Uh huh.

  • They're scared of me, baby.

  • T Rex gathered up the courage to climb up the Rocky Mountain e a, uh, basin.

  • I was skerry.

  • I guess my voice waas kind of loud.

  • I sounded really strong, but I'm getting kind of hungry.

  • O e Maybe I should try hunting e o e.

  • Here I come.

  • I'm brave, baby.

  • T Rex.

  • I'm glad I sent him off on his own.

  • I'm a the brave baby t Rex.

  • One day, baby.

  • T Rex will be a great hunter too.

  • Tyrant lizard Tyrannosaurus ranks long necked Rocky a Saurus Tiny head herbivore Most saurus massive her before a pad a sawers long beat terrain Adan Hey guys, did you like our video?

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