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  • Hello, This is Elliot from E.

  • T.

  • J.

  • English.

  • And today I'm starting this lesson with a question.

  • Have you ever thought about learning English online?

  • Have you ever learned English in a school, or are you learning English in a school?

  • Or are you already learning English online today?

  • I'm going to talk to you about why English lessons or almost any kind of lessons now are rapidly changing.

  • It used to be that we would learn things, especially English or languages.

  • We'd usually learn them in a school.

  • But now the Internet is changing.

  • The world is changing everything.

  • It's changing the way we see things.

  • It's changing the way we think about things.

  • But in terms of learning English, the teaching community has started to move online.

  • There are plenty off ways you can learn English for free online.

  • You can see my previous video, which I did about this, also just by clicking the link above May.

  • There's so many businesses that are having to sell up there, having to stop trading because off the Internet, for example, there's many travel agencies, you know, travel agents who book people's holidays.

  • They're going out off business or they're having to sell their business sell up on this is because everybody now is booking their holidays online.

  • I booked my flights to Vietnam Online.

  • I booked my flight home online.

  • I didn't need a travel agent, so times are slowly changing on.

  • This is also being taken into account with English learning.

  • Teachers like myself are now teaching online because all the resource is are there on because students can learn from the comfort off their own home.

  • I was talking to a student today, actually, Andi, he said.

  • To me, The reason why he likes learning online with a teacher like myself is because it's more of a personal experience.

  • When you learn in a school, it's a teacher who's talking to, Ah, lot of people on board.

  • They're talking at you.

  • They're not really talking with you.

  • There's no personal relationship between the teacher and student, which I think is a very important thing, especially when you're learning a language and it can get quite boring at times.

  • That teacher, who is also a friend, is there to kind of push you in the right direction.

  • Obviously, learning in school is great.

  • It's a great way to learn, but that I'm just I'm opening your eyes to the other.

  • Options available on what most people are starting to look at now.

  • The thing with learning online is there's it's not just talking.

  • We can also put white boards on the screen and make it look like where we're writing, just like a teacher would in a classroom.

  • So it's basically like being in a classroom, but you can learn from home.

  • So that's why learning online has become so popular and people aren't just doing it with learning English.

  • They're doing it with learning music, musical instruments.

  • You can take private guitar lessons online.

  • Now.

  • That is why the Internet is so great.

  • It could be cheaper than learning in a school.

  • The school fees are quite expensive.

  • Of course, this isn't me kind of trying to sell you anything or anything like that.

  • Obviously, I'm making you aware off the things I offer, but this is me trying to help you.

  • This is me giving you a bit of a helping hand, showing you in the right direction off the way that things are going now.

  • Learning online is actually a way which can benefit you in many, many ways.

  • It's flexible.

  • You can learn whenever you want.

  • You can learn by yourself.

  • You can learn English alone.

  • You can learn with a teacher like myself.

  • You can learn in group classes online.

  • You conjoined What sap groups.

  • You could go on websites.

  • If I wanted to book some online lessons, I could go on a website right now on book.

  • A lesson for tomorrow on.

  • I could be starting to learn straight away.

  • I could look up something on a website, watch a YouTube video on.

  • I could already be educated.

  • So with the way the Internet is moving and it's becoming more and more powerful putting other people out of business, then clearly it is a powerful thing which shouldn't be messed with.

  • It should be taken advantage off.

  • So if you have any questions about anything about learning online, you can.

  • You can just message me on Facebook and I could tell you some useful information, or I can tell you about my lessons provided I'm not in a lesson.

  • I will get back to you very quickly.

  • Andi, I Hopefully I'll be able to help you with your questions.

  • Now I have one more thing to say.

  • I've been thinking about doing a live lesson on YouTube, but I need to make sure people actually turn up to the lesson.

  • So if you want me to do a live lesson English lesson for free next week, and please give this video a thumbs up.

  • If I reach a high amount off thumbs ups on this video, then I will do a live lesson.

  • Next week I will release the time on my Facebook.

  • Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

  • And of course, as you can imagine, straight away, the hair ran ahead on the tortoise was moving slowly, slowly but steadily.

  • It was moving slowly.

Hello, This is Elliot from E.

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