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  • thank you so much to bumble for sponsoring today's episode and for also being an active presence in my own dating life.

  • I've been swiping for a few years now, and I have definitely noticed some trends.

  • Dude, so many guys on Bumble have tigers with a heavy heart.

  • I acknowledge that the domestication of tigers in the United States continues to be a pronounced yet overlooked problem.

  • You know he doesn't actually have a tiger, but there's a photo of them right here.

  • But it's probably from a sanctuary, but they're together in the photo.

  • No, but he doesn't.

  • Right.

  • I'm gonna meet Tiger.

  • Tiger is gonna be friend, and I will also liberate him from the confines of his urban prison.

  • Because tigers belong in the wild.

  • 40% of us couples now first meet online.

  • That means that there's a solid chance that if you're on dating, app, social media or even in chat rooms, you will meet your next partner there.

  • So it is incredibly frustrating when the person's profile and the person don't line up.

  • E was hanging out with some girlfriends the other day and we somehow got onto the topic of our profiles and whether or not they accurately represented who we are.

  • And the roast on me began.

  • Oh, my God, Anna, your profiles.

  • All bikini photos.

  • Yeah, unless you live in Santa Monica, nobody believes you at the beach that much.

  • Well, isn't that what they want?

  • I mean, isn't that what the people want?

  • No, it doesn't matter what they want.

  • We have to make this profile you so that you attract who is best for you.

  • Absolutely.

  • We should get like, a smiling photo of you in there, stat.

  • Who and a jokey one.

  • Your personality is basically the physical manifestation of a rodeo clown.

  • So I feel like you should be upfront about that.

  • But you know what?

  • The qualities of my dates have gone up since my own personal episode of Queer Eye for the Queer Girl.

  • Having my friends help me showcase theme essence of me instead of what I just thought people wanted has led to matches that are more suited to my personality, which has led to better connection, which has led to less false promises of exotic animals being present in the lives of potential love interests.

  • And we didn't just tackle my profile.

  • We also ended up discussing some of our weaknesses and dating and really pushing each other to go outside of our comfort zones, whether that's being bold and making the first move or dating outside of our normal types and preferences.

  • E.

  • Thank you so much to bumble for sponsoring today's video and for helping women everywhere safely connect in the digital dating world with features like Private Detector, which automatically blurs out lewd photos until you consent to seeing them.

  • No more dick pics to reporting, which allows inappropriate or aggressive users to be reviewed for potential removal.

  • No more dick pics to verification, which helps get rid of catfishing.

  • No more like a bumble is a safe space for women to seek connection and be in control of their inboxes.

  • They're dating world and their love life.

thank you so much to bumble for sponsoring today's episode and for also being an active presence in my own dating life.

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