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  • As an entrepreneur, I often have to hire people.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me today.

  • As you probably know, I create content for the Internet.

  • Thank you to square space for sponsoring today's video.

  • Oh, it says here that you double majored in history and hiding fish Well.

  • I am currently looking for an employee who has the possibility of bringing a more subtle historical approach to my channel.

  • So that's perfect.

  • I'm feeling good about this.

  • Thea.

  • Other day I asked a potential employees for their website so I could check out their work.

  • You know, do my due diligence and vet process before hiring and they said they didn't have one.

  • Though we are in a digital age where business cards and paper portfolios seem obsolete and even strange when people hand them to you.

  • Something about not having a website really screamed unprofessional to me.

  • And then I was wondering, like am I being unreasonable?

  • Because there are times that I've definitely seen websites that air so bad?

  • It's actually deterred me from working with the person on.

  • It's so easy to make a nice looking website these days.

  • I mean, I used to have to learn code when I was a teenager.

  • So not to sound like a stereotypical old person.

  • But back in my day, you needed to know HTML or JavaScript in order to make your Xanga page pop.

  • I'm accessing the schematic of the hive.

  • Now, firewall.

  • I don't even need to breach it.

  • I embedded a back door in the binary code on the hardware.

  • It's virtually undetectable to anyone who doesn't know the Internet Protocol address.

  • Damn black hat.

  • Alright, I'm in.

  • Do you want falling sparkle cats or neon pink font?

  • MM both.

  • And then I realized what was really bugging me.

  • It's what not having a website represented.

  • I mean, one of my core values and principles is investing in yourself and small business owners.

  • Take the risk of investing in your ventures again and again and again because you believe that it will pay off in the long run.

  • So someone's lack of having a website that showcase their work subtly and subconsciously communicates to me that they don't think they're worth investing in.

  • And if you're not investing in yourself, why should I?

  • And it's not just investment in your career that I think is important.

  • But investment in yourself is a human being.

  • I mean, investing time into learning new skills, money into your mental health or energy into relationships that nurture and enrich your life.

  • And no matter how small investing in things that are gonna make you a better artist, a more compassionate human or just a more joyful person, and I will admit I am a lady of modern times.

  • So I leverage my online presence in all spheres as an actress, musician and cat enthusiast.

  • So someone not having a website might be more alarming to me than, say, Ah, farmer, looking for a stable boy.

  • So what's your universal resource Locator?

  • What?

  • You're you are l your World Wide Web address, huh?

  • Look, if you don't have an http colon forward slash forward slash www dot How am I supposed to know you're a seriously capable, stable boy?

  • Well, I have a giant business card.

  • I'm Anaconda and thank you to square space for sponsoring today's episode.

  • Squarespace has award winning templates, and once you see your options, you realize why these babies have won awards, their sleek, professional contemporary and even better, they are incredibly easy to set up.

  • You can create a website to showcase your art modeling films or whatever entrepreneurial endeavors you have.

  • If you need a domain for www dot i am a stable boy dot com.

  • Squarespace offers a set of experience, but a simple and easy plus.

  • They do have analytics tools to help you build your business like I love analyzing my insides, to either identify trends or patterns within my audience and expand on the areas that are working based on cold, hard, beautiful data.

  • And if you're like me and you like to work at all hours of the day and feel no shame about sending an email at 3 a.m. Squarespace offers 24 hour customer service in case you need help at any time.

As an entrepreneur, I often have to hire people.

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