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  • We're going to take alook at 4 different uses

  • of the adjective 'fair'.

  • 'I sold my car for £2000 – it was a fair deal.'

  • In this example, 'fair' means 'equitable'.

  • It means that I received the correct amount

  • of money. My car is worth £2000 and I received £2000.

  • 'It looks like there's a fair chance it will rain tonight.'

  • 'A fair chance' is a set phrase and it describes

  • the likelihood of something. It means that

  • there is 'a good chance', or 'a high

  • likelihood' of something happening.

  • 'My sister has fair hair and fair skin.'

  • 'Fair' is used to describe the colour in this

  • example. It's like saying that my sister has

  • light-coloured hair and light skin.

  • 'I have a fair understanding of Spanish, but

  • I'm not fluent.'

  • In this example, 'fair' means 'average', or

  • 'not bad, but not great'. It means I know

  • a little Spanish, but not a lot.

  • If you have a fair understanding of the word

  • fair, why not leave us a comment.

We're going to take alook at 4 different uses

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4 ways to use 'fair' - English In A Minute

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