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  • goal.

  • 13 of the sustainable development goals.

  • Climate action.

  • Ecological refugees Why climate change is a social issue.

  • Meet George George is a fisherman and his job is in danger.

  • Climate change warm the ocean and caused the fish to migrate away from where George Fishes.

  • George on elderly man will have to travel further to find fish, making him more susceptible to disease and the elements.

  • George has become a climate or ecological refugee, also known as an environmental migrant, a person who has been forced to leave their home because of a marked environmental disruption that jeopardizes their existence and quality of life.

  • It's been stated that the people who are affected by climate change are generally the poor, older adults, Children and families and people with a history of mental health problems.

  • It's important to act quickly on this issue as the drastic global shifts can lead to major global disasters in the future.

  • Large groups of people migrating to new areas due to food scarcity and AMP.

  • Extreme whether are becoming a new norm.

  • This migration can lead to over population, and rising prices due to using limited resource, is reducing the impact of severe storms by providing aid to those in need and repairing their environment so they can rebuild their communities instead of moving elsewhere are two ways to help.

  • For those who have already migrated to new countries, awareness needs to be raised about their situation.

  • For starters, they have no legal status under the United Nations mandate to protect and app support refugees.

  • Also, they may not have access to care or shelter because they are not fleeing from war or conflict.

  • Long term relocation strategies can also help refugees in the future.


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Ecological Refugees

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