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  • I voted for Trump in 2016.

  • President Trump Women for Trump.

  • I did great with.

  • In 2016 Donald Trump claimed he won the female vote that he got more votes from women thin, the first female presidential candidate from a major part.

  • Women, women, women were doing very well with the women.

  • But did you know I got 52% with women?

  • Everyone said this couldn't happen.

  • And if so, could he do it again this year?

  • A little more about Amelia Thompson.

  • Devote has written extensively on women and polls.

  • So after the last election, Trump claimed publicly that he had one female voters.

  • Is that correct?

  • In 2016 slightly more white women seemed to have voted for Trump than voted for Clinton.

  • Um, it was a narrow margin.

  • He did not win.

  • Women of color Exit pose, which Trump based his comes on, could be unreliable.

  • But research in 2018 by the Pew Research Center found that 47% of white women voted for Trump and only 45% for Clinton.

  • But why?

  • I'm 64 today.

  • And Happy birthday.

  • Thank you.

  • I just was sitting here filling out my ballot.

  • So why did you vote for Trump in 2016?

  • I am a lifelong Republican.

  • I didn't like Hillary either.

  • I was kind of angry at the whole political system for giving us such two terrible choices.

  • I voted for Trump in 2016 because he said he had a plan, kept Mexico pay for the wall, and I lived in Southern California at the time.

  • I voted for Trump because Hillary was demonized in the alternative media.

  • She looked sick, and if he and I heard that, she went to the dark side and why does this matter?

  • Because women in the US are a crucial voting bloc.

  • They vote more than men on, they vote differently.

  • You can almost pinpoint it to an exact election, the 1980 election, when the Republican Party took a very right hard right turn on a number of different issues.

  • Women just tend to be much more in favor of a robust social safety net.

  • Polls suggest white woman are changing their minds about Trump, giving Biden the biggest lead among women off any candidate in history.

  • The gender gap has been expanding for a few decades, but really from 2016 to 2020.

  • We're just seeing it explode.

  • And in some ways it's even overtaking race as a predictor of vote.

  • This man is the leader of our country.

  • He's the commander in chief and we can't believe a word he says.

  • I'm watching him.

  • Refused to take any responsibility for this pandemic.

  • It just how he was mishandling it.

  • And I'm like this, uh, separating families at the border that did it for me.

  • I'm just a little suburban grandmother, you know, Not with a lot of power, but hey, makes me scared.

  • He wouldn't know suburb unless he took a wrong turn.

  • Heywood Um, I was among suburban white women.

  • A majority are supporting Biden.

  • There is quite a big gender gap.

  • Eso Suburban white men are disproportionately supporting trump.

  • My sons are trump supporters, and one of them is currently not speaking to me right now.

  • Because of opinions I posted on my Facebook page.

  • There are big divisions among white women to most clearly along the lines of education.

  • Poll suggests Biden has gained most ground among women with a college degree.

  • It's important not to paint with a broad brush.

  • You know there are plenty of white women with college degrees who are going to vote for Trump women.

  • For Trump, it's important, and this is the election that will make the difference.

  • I think that he's pro life or pro life.

  • We care about every life, no matter what color would gender, what sexual orientation.

  • I see the enthusiasm, and I see, um, you know people's loyalty to our country and our president.

  • Polls are just predictions.

  • They're not always accurate on people can change their minds right up to November 3rd, the contest for women in this election will be fiercely fought.

I voted for Trump in 2016.

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US election: Are white women voters wavering on Trump? - BBC News

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