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  • Hi my name is Dylan and I just got my first job as a waiter at the same place

  • of my cousin James works. I was a little bit nervous and wasn't sure how to

  • approach the manager, because I didn't have any work experience. But with the

  • help and advice of James and some preparation I felt much more confident.

  • Come along with me to hear my cousin's great tips that you can use when you go

  • to your first job interview. And remember to look left and right so you don't miss

  • anything this virtual reality experience.

  • [James] Hey mate. [Dylan] Hey.

  • [James] You've fixed yourself up nicely. [Dylan] Thanks.

  • [James] Ready for your big event? [Dylan] Hmm I don't know I've never been to an

  • interview before and it's pretty stressful.

  • [James] Oh you will be fine mate, let's get in. [Dylan] Cool, thanks.

  • Everybody gets nervous about interviews. Just remember what we practiced last night.

  • Arrive five to ten minutes early for your interview. Give you enough time to

  • take a deep breath and get on top of your nerves.

  • Dress appropriately. Before the interview visit the business and see what the

  • other staff wear. Remember hospitality staff need to look tidy.

  • Cut your nails and tie your hair if it's too long.

  • Be confident, smile, shake hands confidently and keep good eye contact.

  • Research the business. Before the interview visit the business's website or social media

  • channels. Get an idea about what services they provide, what they expect from their

  • staff and who their customers are.

  • Prepare some questions to ask. Show that

  • you are interested by asking specific questions throughout the role and responsibilities.

  • Practice the interview beforehand. Ask a friend or family member

  • to help you by pretending to be the interviewer.

  • [Dylan] Yep, got it. Here goes nothing.

  • [James] Ok we're here. Just remember to smile and be yourself.

  • you'll do great. Good luck!

  • Hi my name is Dylan, James mentioned that you're looking to hire some more staff. I would love to work

  • here and brought in my resume. [Marie] Oh hi Dylan. I'm Marie, the manager.

  • Thanks for coming I am looking for staff and you've actually

  • caught me at a good time. Would you like to sit down there and have a chat?

  • [Dylan] Thanks, yes that would be great.

  • [Phone ringing]

  • Remember to turn your mobile off and keep it out of sight.

  • Great. The job I have open is for a waiter but occasionally it may be

  • necessary for that person to help out in the kitchen or with stocktakes when we

  • get busy. Why do you want to work here? [Dylan] My cousin James tells me that this is a

  • great place to work and I really enjoy helping others. I'm a good listener and a

  • great communicator. [Marie] Yes. That is important indeed. What type of experience do you

  • have working at a cafe?

  • [Dylan] Well have no specific experience in this area, but

  • I have a positive attitude and good communication skills. Also I have been

  • helping as a volunteer at some catering events organized by my high school.

  • I helped cook the barbecue serve, customers and manage payments along with other volunteers.

  • [Marie] That is relevant, which is great. This role requires you to work on

  • the weekend and in the evening. Will that be a problem?

  • [Dylan] That wouldn't be a problem. I am available to work on weekends and for a couple of hours after school.

  • On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I can catch the bus here directly from my house, and

  • my mum and dad have said they can drop me off and pick me up too. [Marie] That's good to

  • know. I think you'll fit in quite well, but I would like you to undertake the

  • trial shift first. Are you available tomorrow at 3:30?

  • [Dylan] Well yes, thank you so

  • much for the opportunity. I will be here tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. What shoes and clothes should i wear?

  • [Marie] Great question, what you're wearing right now is just perfect.

  • And this is how I got my first job. I've been working here for two

  • months now and I'm really happy to be part of the team. The tips that you've

  • just seen helps me ace my first interview and made a great first

  • impression. I am sure this virtual reality experience will help you to

  • remember what you need to do to get your first job too.

  • Oh and remember to share it with your friends as well.

  • you

Hi my name is Dylan and I just got my first job as a waiter at the same place

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10 interview tips to help you land your first job – a VR experience

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