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  • Here's how to create a playlist on YouTube.

  • Use our clickable sections below

  • to keep track of what step you're on during this tutorial.

  • When visiting,

  • make sure that you're signed into the right Google account

  • where you want to create the playlist.

  • Once you have found a video

  • that you want to put in a playlist,

  • at the bottom of that video, click the "SAVE" button.

  • A box will pop up with a few different options.

  • Choosing "Watch later" will add that video

  • to a default watch-later playlist,

  • which you can access from your YouTube home screen.

  • If you have previously created a playlist,

  • it will also appear as an option

  • for where you can add the video.

  • In this case, we will choose "Create new playlist."

  • Title it whatever you want.

  • I'm starting a playlist of my favorite Food Insider videos.

  • Then you have to choose your privacy setting.

  • If it's public,

  • anyone can search for and find your playlist.

  • An unlisted playlist can only be viewed by others

  • who have the link to that playlist,

  • and a private playlist will only be viewable by you.

  • For this example, we're going to choose unlisted.

  • And then click "CREATE."

  • Your video has now been added

  • to your newly created playlist.

  • You can find your playlists on your YouTube home screen

  • on the left-hand side.

  • Here's the one we just created.

  • When you click on it,

  • you will find all of your videos that you have added.

  • You can manage several settings of your playlist

  • from this page.

  • You can edit the title of the playlist

  • and add a description.

  • The three-dot menu will allow you to

  • add videos to the playlist,

  • add all the videos to a different playlist,

  • or allow collaborators to add videos to the playlist.

  • Other features include embedding

  • and deciding the video order in your playlist.

  • You can also delete a playlist here.

  • This arrow button allows you to share your playlist.

  • Since this one is unlisted,

  • only people who have access to this link

  • will be able to watch the videos added to the playlist.

  • And this button here allows you to shuffle play

  • through your videos.

  • On mobile, you can save a video to a playlist

  • by pressing "Save" at the bottom of the video.

  • This is also where you can add a new playlist.

  • Press "NEW PLAYLIST,"

  • and then you'll be prompted to title it

  • and change its privacy settings.

  • Then press "CREATE."

  • You will find your playlists by pressing "Library"

  • on your YouTube menu bar.

  • Pressing on your playlists

  • will also allow you to edit their settings.

  • Now you know how to organize YouTube videos into playlists.

Here's how to create a playlist on YouTube.

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How To Make A Playlist On YouTube

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