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  • Hi.

  • I'm Pip.

  • I'm a penguin.

  • I'm his fed Flamingo friend Freddie were junior flyers at tots are friends cases of Kuala.

  • She knows a ton about baby animals today she's gonna tell us about Baby Baba Rusa.

  • Thanks.

  • Pip and Freddie.

  • Special Delivery.

  • This'll It'll baby is a special kind of animal called a babba Roosa Babba Roosa Zahra type of pig like other pigs, baby Babba Russa's air called piglets.

  • When piglets are born, they weigh less than £2.

  • But a grown up male can weigh around.

  • Ah, £100.

  • That's a big difference.

  • Grown up male Babba Russa's grow long tusks while female Babba Russa's Do Not word babba Roosa means pig deer because of their long tusks that sort of look like antlers on a deer.

  • Babba Russa's communicate with each other by making a bunch of different sounds.

  • E let's all make a growling noise.

  • A cool.

  • At about 10 days old piglets will begin exploring the world around them.

  • While Mom provides great care for her piglets.

  • A team of animal care experts is there to make sure Mom and baby's have everything they might need.

  • My name is Dan.

  • I'm an animal keeper.

  • I work for a Disney's animal science and environment.

  • I get to take care of the Barossa by helping feeding them and taking care of them helping clean up.

  • They really enjoy their treats.

  • They love fruits like apples, bananas, peanuts or their favorite treat.

  • They're such fun animals.

  • They're incredibly smart.

  • And they're just adorable, too.

  • Your rocket through the sky we go bringing this baby.

  • Soon you'll be with your family.

  • Bring this baby.


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Baby Babirusas | Disney Animals Special Delivery with T.O.T.S. | Disney Junior

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