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  • I cut my print cash.

  • I am super excited because today I'm gonna learn how to fly fish.

  • I'm here at the Glacier Outdoor Center, and we're all gonna be getting a lesson on how to fly fish here in Montana.

  • So this is Ah, Royal Wolf.

  • So with this one, we're just gonna imitate a flying bug.

  • Getting a perfect cast will come with mileage.

  • It'll come with time with your casting life.

  • Make this year 10 and two and then stop up here and stop.

  • Rather than slinging you at the water.

  • Try to a dead stop while you're at about this angle.

  • Okay.

  • There.

  • Beautiful and no different when you go to cash.

  • What?

  • What?

  • It's a piece of all mhm Except there.

  • Okay, slowly let him play e to just, like, go ahead.

  • You could take a few step.

  • You got that on the fly way.

  • Got fly fishing here.

  • That's a beauty, E maybe what?

  • We'll do games is that Yeah, there's on a nice It's beautiful.

  • So I'm gonna take that little hook out just like this on then.

  • Whenever you release a fish, you release them with their dorsal fin up like this way.

  • Just let him hold his tail gently because he's gonna be tired from this fight.

  • And so we're gonna just let him catch his breath.

  • And then when he's ready, he'll swim away.

I cut my print cash.

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